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    Nissan Armada Springs
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    Wife wants me to do the unthinkable due to the Florida DMV debockale!

    File for lost title. Use seller name and your address. At this point you will have physical title to ship anywhere to seller for signature.
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    Spring replacement, leveling springs

    Can you think of any reasons why I couldn't run a limit strap inside the spring and use the 1/2 shock bolts for mounting points. I would just need to get the right length.
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    Spring replacement, leveling springs

    It was the same shop, so not sure. I'm right at 25" from center of wheel to bottom of fender. If you look in the post above it looks like the length has to be specified. Each length has a sku# I'm guessing the one with a 11-12" compressed length. I really appreciate your help. I'll call when I'm...
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    Spring replacement, leveling springs

    It's odd you say that. I was thinking that after the springs settle the rear will most likely be higher resulting from the same springs but with different weight from front to rear. I was avoiding in my head removing the rears to cut shorter and came to the idea to carefully heat the coil in...
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    Spring replacement, leveling springs

    Got the fronts installed a last week. I wasn't there for the front install but they said they couldn't the front in full length and cut 1 coil off same as we did on the rear. I haven't measured it to see actual lift and haven't driven it much. I plan to use a fair amount this week and will...
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    Electric fans and shroud hmmwv

    Seems like if someone added similar type fans on underside of radiator without a shroud they could provide extra cooling without restricting the OE cooling setup. They could run continuously at slow speeds in tandem with OE and intermittently at road speeds. Could prevent the hydraulic from from...
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    Proper Type & Quality of Under Hood Hose Clamps

    These are supposed to create twice the clamp force of parts store type. I bought two orders of these but haven't tried one yet...
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    24 bolt wheels with BFG Bajas - Runflat or No Runflat

    I run MT OZ balanced with no run flats. To me it rides better with removed. I did replace one tire that was technically good but was out of round and didn't ride well. I will probably add pvc inserts when I put on a new set because i worry about popping tire off bead when offroad. The run flats...
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    6L80 in my M998

    Any updates?
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    Spring replacement, leveling springs

    I called MOOG customer service and asked for the actual rate of the Armada spring. It is drumroll.....534lbin...! The data plate shows a 2980 front curb weight take out 400lbs for wheel weight and a arm weight. That should land the sprung weight around 2500lbs. 2500/534=4.68 inches of...
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    Thailand 1992 archive photo

    It also looks like the hmmwv was rear ended and has sheets metal damage.
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    What have you done to your HMMWV today/lately

    Welded in receiver hitch. I removed pintle. If I do need one I can make a pintle receiver from leftover parts. It is 18" tube welded to airlift bumper and braced at other end with angle welded to receiver an it bolted to bumper brakes. Still needs to be repainted but its too cold. Also added...
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    6L80 in my M998

    Do I read this correctly that if you have a mechanical shifter you can select all gears mechanically with a software change. Meaning you could have full control with the hardware you have installed. If so you could remove the detents or what mechanism usually stops the shifter in a gear...
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    6L80 in my M998

    I've been reading up on the 6l. Can it be shifted to all gears including park electronically?
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