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    M101A2 Wheels

    2002 GM 8 bolt wheels work great on my 101A2 and are hub centric.
  2. harleyhouse

    What did you do to your trailer today.

    Now that is a welding Rig! Nice job. Looks great!
  3. harleyhouse

    M116A3 with 2000 GMC 1 Ton Van Wheels

    Matching 2002 2500HD rims on my M101A2
  4. harleyhouse

    M101a2 trailer bed on a M116 running gear

    The plates are L shaped but I think flat stock will do.
  5. harleyhouse

    M105; Questions about my first recovery

    No Problem! Great trailers for runs to Home Depot!
  6. harleyhouse

    Can anyone back up a M101?

    Having owned my M101A2 for several years I have found it easier to just use my drivers side mirror, do slow movements and just look down the side of the truck. I can parallel park it with ease now too.
  7. harleyhouse

    M116A3 question

    My Surge lunette was trash from the previous owner so I went with an adjustable channel on my M101A2 Works great. I also use a combo 2" ball pintle.
  8. harleyhouse

    M116A3 question

    Here are a few dropped lunette rings I found on the web. I do like the adjustable channel design though.
  9. harleyhouse

    101A2 Adventure Trailer

    They are great trailers! I have used mine for everything from camping to a parade float.
  10. harleyhouse

    Did the supply of M101A2s and 3s dry up??

    Awesome trailers Great size and share a common 8 x 6.5 lug pattern to all early 3/4 and 1 ton trucks.
  11. harleyhouse

    Did the supply of M101A2s and 3s dry up??

    My build blog on Steel Soldiers.
  12. harleyhouse

    M116a3 Bolt Pattern & Wheel Question

    They should fit.
  13. harleyhouse

    Did the supply of M101A2s and 3s dry up??

    I bought mine six years ago Best investment ever. Many journeys and good times.
  14. harleyhouse

    M101A1 lug pattern conversion

    Look up trailer supply stores in your state You should be able to get an idle axle for around $200.00 Matching bolt pattern to your jeep If you want to run factory wheels you may need spacers due to the smaller hub hole on the alloys. There is a great M101a1 rebuild on expo. search member F&L
  15. harleyhouse

    Trailer for the new M998 HMMWV

    You could always build a stealth camper in a M101A3
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