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    Tried to save the Oshkosh

    yep, thankfully i don't live in the city. When i had my trucks the donor trucks where in my barn
  2. Hookin1

    Tried to save the Oshkosh

    Where i live the towing companies are under contract with the police. We can't get away with that, although one company has been inflating prices and is in the process of possibly losing their contract with the city. Did you contact the Attorney Generals office? I would recomend that you file a...
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    Super-low oil pressure, M35A2 multifuel

    Put a t fitting in where your sending unit is on the back of the engine. Then attach a mechanical gauge. I did that so in case my electric gauge went out it would save me from a heart attack like i almost had when it first quit working
  4. Hookin1

    Stolen Mules

    You might want to post on the g503 website too.
  5. Hookin1

    humvee owners

    No armada not transformers. Tedg i'll pm you when i get details saturday night. I am meeting with the movie rep. Saturday night. I will post more info when i find out. As far as i know now, the film will be shot in the fall, in Illinois. Do not know the exact location yet. There may be...
  6. Hookin1

    humvee owners

    Looking for humvee owners in the midwest, who would'nt mind renting there humvee for a movie
  7. Hookin1

    2010 Haspin rally BS thread

    I can tell, can't wait:-D
  8. Hookin1

    2010 Haspin rally BS thread

    Plan on being there this year, With a generator of course:-D
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    Pulling out the LCVP

    It's not mine it belongs to the LST 325. The USS LST Ship Memorial (USS LST 325) I'm just a crewmember. You can find them on GSA for auction every once in a while.
  10. Hookin1

    Pulling out the LCVP

    not sure the duece didnt mind it a bit actually trailered it through town just fine.
  11. Hookin1

    Pulling out the LCVP

    Pulling the LCVP from the LST 325 for winter storage will have new picks of putting it back in saturday
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    Howard Hammonds

    Stopped by hammands today I regret to inform everyone but there is no more military equipment there. Everything has been scrapped,what is left is some containers and a few m109 boxes other than that the place is empty. But I may have a new place not to far away from hammonds. try to get down...
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    I need some M105 landing gear

    I have one complete landing gear assembly for the 105 with the big wheel. If anyone is interested. but it is awfully heavy to ship.
  14. Hookin1

    Indiana Gang

    I won't be making it.....personal stuff trying to get finished. If i'm able to get it done in time i'll be there. Not looking good though
  15. Hookin1

    "Stealth" Muffler for a Deuce?

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