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    Issues with SF-97

    Still waiting for EUC to clear ! ! ? ? Anyone else still waiting a long time for the EUC to clear on a Gov Planet sale ? ? Mine was a March 11th sale and still more than 2 months later, still no clearance ! ! I have purchased a lot of rigs through Gov Liq and it seems like things had gone...
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    Problem with M-1101 surge brakes

    Took our new M-1101 HMMWV trailer on a 4 hour trip. It went down just fine, but after we had loaded some seed and traveled home, I could tell when we got to a intersection that the surge brakes did engage. Problem is, I can't say they fully released as when I got home the brakes and the hubs...
  3. jason@snakeriver

    Hauling grain with the 915A1 tractors

    I am jealous, I just bought a couple of the smaller M-931's with the 250 Cummins. I have for the past 10 years been buying 800 and 900 series and putting them to work on the farm here in Eastern Idaho.
  4. jason@snakeriver

    Frame length of a M931 tractor ? ? ?

    Maccus, thanks for the info.
  5. jason@snakeriver

    Has GL ever answered any simple questions ??

    I am looking at buying two more trucks in the next few days. Being 3 states away, we have to buy everything from the description and a gut feeling. We have done fairly well and have worked through most of the problems that come with any truck. Gov Liq came to our place and did a video a...
  6. jason@snakeriver

    Has GL ever answered any simple questions ??

    I guess that I am expecting too much. My son and I are Snake River 4x4 at The Snake River is the largest river in Idaho and we are registered as such with the State of Idaho. I run 8 - M-800 and M-900 series trucks on our farm.
  7. jason@snakeriver

    Has GL ever answered any simple questions ??

    Now on the GL auctions, they have an spot where you can ask a question about any particular item. I have asked two simple answers and on the first one, they refered me a phone # of a guy that does previews. On the second one, I asked for the measurement of a frame, where all you had to...
  8. jason@snakeriver

    Frame length of a M931 tractor ? ? ?

    Anyone know the frame length of a M931 tractor, say from the back of the cab to the end of the frame rails ? ?
  9. jason@snakeriver

    Super singles to duals on a 900 series ?

    I remember the friends mechanic tell me that if they don't run that high of PSI it will blow and ruin the tire with that amount of GVW on the truck.
  10. jason@snakeriver

    Super singles to duals on a 900 series ?

    This is Tom, just logging in under my son's account. We build these trucks into potato and grain trucks and we can hit 56,000 GVW. We now have 6 - 800 series and 2 - 900 series. A neighbor that farms in the sand really likes the super singles but has to run the psi at 90. We farm in soft mud...
  11. jason@snakeriver

    Super singles to duals on a 900 series ?

    Last fall I purchased a 900 series with the huge 14:00 super singles. I do have a full set of 10 - 11:00 Michelin tires. Is there anything saying that I cannot swap the singles out on put on the duals ??? Axle width, hubs ? ? ? I do have a buyer for the singles.
  12. jason@snakeriver

    Lets See Your 5-Ton!

    Here is my M-819 pulling a pump on the Snake River.
  13. jason@snakeriver

    Needing halftrack repro armor ?

    Just got into a M2 halftrack and doing the homework. Al Stiefel is out of business. Not sure about Bob Gillard in Oregon There is always Gary Hebding What about US Machine Corp - I see there web site but all they leave is a email contact. That bugs the crap out of me when they do not have an...
  14. jason@snakeriver

    How many ways does government liquidation suck let me count the ways!

    I agree KOOLEX, that we need to carefully tell each other about our good and bad experiences so that all can benefit. PORKYSPLACE is calling us all a bunch of illeducated whiners, I am glad that he has it all figured out. I have bought approx 6 five ton trucks from GL, so this is not my...
  15. jason@snakeriver

    Good and bad at Barstow

    I hired a trucker who is very famililar with getting large trucks out of Barstow. This time, he said it is getting worse for the ability of the GL employees to lend any assistence in loading. He said that Tim still deserves kudos as a very helpful person, but that his hands are being...
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