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    New Production 6.2L/700R4 TV Brackets (Interested?)

    Sorry to resurrect this post. But has anyone had any luck with making these brackets? Or does anyone happen to know where I can get one? I am at the point in my project where this is all I am waiting on... I have searched numerous junkyards in my area, all to no avail. Had a lead on one from a...
  2. JimmyHank

    Deuce with LDT-465-1D Issues

    First off, hi everyone!! I'm new to the FMV world, but have been driving all kinds of MV's for the past 11 years. But very new to the multifuel engine world. I'm hoping yall can help me pinpoint my issues and make some recommendations. To get yall caught up... about a month ago, I bought a 1968...
  3. JimmyHank

    8-1-11 Brokedown OK I-44 Mile 172

    OK, so here's what I found so far... Fired it up again prior to the tear down and the knock sounded more like top end noise this time around. But still couldn't pinpoint the location. It is in an outdoor barn with tin walls that echo. ha Then I drained the oil and found copper flakes. Removed...
  4. JimmyHank

    8-1-11 Brokedown OK I-44 Mile 172

    First of, I'd like to say a HUGE thanks to George, James, and Joe!! I greatly appreciate your rapid response and willingness to help out a guy that you had either never met or had only met the day prior. Second, I'd like to apologize for the delayed "thank you". The deuce and I made it back home...
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