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    2020 TX MV Rally at the Brazos Valley Off-Road Ranch

    12 pounds of brisket for myself alone. Lunch every day at work. We are all essential, I'm in a critical role and my department is again at 75% strength. Canceled vacation
  2. Keith_J

    M1031 governor linkage

    Looks to be commercial off the shelf parts. When I recover from this week's torture session, I will take photos and search for part numbers. I do know adjustments are crucial. Any time the governor is moved, it needs adjusting.
  3. Keith_J

    12/24v confusion

    24 volt starter has a 24 volt solenoid.
  4. Keith_J

    2020 TX MV Rally at the Brazos Valley Off-Road Ranch

    Oh well, not throwing my vacation away. I will be installing the 6X into the M1031. Should have the bugs worked out and finely tuned. Might even have the turbos installed and running..still have to make two manifolds and modify the intake.
  5. Keith_J

    The mythical CUCV 4L80E swap

    This is a 205 TC M1031 SECM. PTO generator is one of the plus features I really use. Three drive shafts plus the TC shifter and PTO interlock. There is plenty room, GM positioned the engine as far back for center of gravity issues, the engine bay was designed to accommodate the 250/292 inline...
  6. Keith_J

    Starter grinds flywheel when started???

    Check the starter carefully. Missing the bracket will over stress the nose cone, bolts and retainer. Check the pinion for wear. Replace the main bolts holding the starter to the block. These bolts are no fun to drill out and extract the broken bits. Time spent looking over everything is...
  7. Keith_J

    The mythical CUCV 4L80E swap

    For my upcoming 4l80 swap, I bought the adapter from Advance Adapter for 205 transfer case. It's a 356 T6 aluminum casting with the larger index ring machined into the front. Its also relieved for the oil pan. Dakota Digital tach module and AC Delco TPS round out the sensor suite...
  8. Keith_J

    Trailer options? Will a M1008 on 37's tow a gooseneck.?

    Certainly. More fab than engineering. Not the first twin turbo CUCV but the first variable nozzle twin.
  9. Keith_J

    Trailer options? Will a M1008 on 37's tow a gooseneck.?

    Still on the design board. First is to get the TCI 6X installed and working. The most crucial part is controlling these beasts as they can easily spool over 225,000 RPM if drive pressure rises with vanes closed. That's 25 shaft horsepower each. The TCI harness has both throttle position...
  10. Keith_J

    Max tire size for stock M1008

    The only rubbing I had was due to DRMO massage to the left inner fender well sheet metal. I massaged it out with a block of wood and a 2x4 for leverage. No lift up front, Air Ride helpers on the rear for stock ride height. 255 85 16 Cooper Discover ST Maxx. Most aggressive tires which are...
  11. Keith_J

    Max tire size for stock M1008

    255s here. Although I went with 8 inch wide rims for stability. Looks stockish.
  12. Keith_J

    Trailer options? Will a M1008 on 37's tow a gooseneck.?

    Banks turbo is a free floating unit, this is why it still feels weak compared to say a 6 liter Power Stroke. If you can get boost down low in the 1400 RPM range and maintain it through 2600, it would feel much better. The Banks system will emit soot until boost builds, this is wasted power...
  13. Keith_J

    2020 TX MV Rally at the Brazos Valley Off-Road Ranch

    I'm still in for the off road park. I'll bring enough cash to cover all so all it takes is Lincoln. I've been working too hard and need this time off..when I put in for vacation, it was just 20 hours. I'm now on 12 hour shifts. Not canceling this vacation ;)
  14. Keith_J

    24 volt conversion... sort of

    That is a realistic number. I had another idea of using a small spiral cell 12 volt battery to power the glow plugs. Then a 20 amp 13.8 volt converter would serve to keep this battery topped off.
  15. Keith_J

    Weird Runaway Starter...

    My run away was due to a missing pinion retainer which allowed the starter to go over center so the return spring couldn't retract. Since the drive solenoid also makes the contact for the motor, it kept running. Pull the starter.
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