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    Why is this unplugged and why does my truck run better without it?

    Timing and throttle position are adjusted with this circuit when engine is cool. If base timing is overly advanced, this could be an issue.
  2. Keith_J

    Cracked a TH400 case and support brackets with a NP205

    Is this a problem with 4L80s? I plan on using the same cross member, all new mounts with a cast aluminum adapter from Advance Adapters.. Stock 1031 with PTO.
  3. Keith_J

    grey wire

    Seat belt actuators are inertial. Pure mechanical. There are seat belt warning sensors, wires to these are black and white.
  4. Keith_J

    Fuel issues

    Noticed that. Inventory dropped by 1. Realize it is shipped by the vendor, that being whybee adventure. Good ratings. But the trip over the pond is 11 dollars. Won't get the VAT hit and no tarrriff on automotive tools so if you can wait, should be kosher.
  5. Keith_J

    Fuel issues

    Sealey TL95. 168 doll hairs plus change from the usual scumbags. That is a UK brand. And this is an E-dapter kit which makes a gasamoline timing light chooch on a die easel. So you might needs to run down to Hazard Fraught and plop twenty clams on one of them. Sure beets a Fap Off over...
  6. Keith_J

    Fuel issues

    Driver side engine by the harmonic damper. But unless you have a diesel pickup timing light.. The noise will get bad before the timing is impacted..indirect injection has a wide window. Guess I will look for an old school diesel timing light.
  7. Keith_J

    What have you done to your CUCV today/lately - Part 2

    Used the 1031 to go on a parts run for the daily driver. Which was an excuse to drive a few miles. Tested my heater control valve, half open is still plenty warm.
  8. Keith_J

    Fuel issues

    How many miles on the odometer? Any chain slap noise from the timing chain cover? This is noticeable at idle speed when the timing chain set is worn. This will delay injection timing, causing the white smoke and other symptoms. Timing is advanced when cold, when the engine warms, the timing...
  9. Keith_J

    CDR Valve

    Perfect test method. It is a pressure regulator so a diaphragm and spring work together. Most common failure is rupture of the diaphragm, second is plugging. When the diaphragm fails, there will be oily dirt around the vent hole. Plugged CDR will cause oily dirt around the vented oil fill...
  10. Keith_J

    M1009 engine difference

    The only differences are the injector pump internals. Most vehicles have had the injector pumps swapped. That is on the engine side. There are some differences on prop shafts and driveline components on the M1009 side.
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    6.2 and how much Timing Chain Slack or stretch is “normal” ?

    You inspect when you have it apart. You know it should be replaced when the chain slaps the cover. You can hear it.
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    looking for brake parts CUCV 1984 M1009

    Parts manuals are the -20P and 34P. The-20 is the unit maintenance so it covers most brake parts. Be sure to follow the correct UOC number, this is the Used On Code for the various models...yours is an M1009 so the UOC is 209. This is all covered in Section 1, paragraph 5 of the parts TM...
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    Very strange gen 2 problem

    The 2 relays by the starter relay are for the blackout light system. You have to take the dash cover to see the alternator relay. Trace the voltmeter wires to find it. Since this relay is energized on run to enable the right side alternator, it gets warm. It doesn't draw much through the...
  14. Keith_J

    Water Pump Bolt / Crossover Pipe

    The timing cover to engine block and water pump to timing cover are sealed with an anaerobic acrylic sealant gel. Similar chemistry as anaerobic thread locking products, only in a gel formulation. Heat is your ally here. I've used it for multiple purposes. Best thread sealant if you don't...
  15. Keith_J

    What is this part- where can I obtain it, or should I make one?

    14071080? Figure 31 in the -34P. You have to see what it first secures to the engine. That would be the coolant pump. I was the unofficial CPL Joe Bowers..
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