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    what is a good gear ratio for swaps on the diff in a M1008 CUCV PU?

    Lots of work to swap two ring and pinions as new carriers are required. A 25% overdrive is equivalent to 3.42 axle ratio, a good improvement as it puts engine speed at 2400 RPM at 70 MPH.
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    Alternator driven diesel tach?

    In case you cannot find the instructions
  3. Keith_J

    Alternator driven diesel tach?

    This tachometer has 3 DIP switches on the back , set #2 on, the rest off. Use the fine adjust for 625 RPM @ idle. Instructions are online.
  4. Keith_J

    Ebay Aluminum Radiator Installation

    The Helicoil should work if you can get the tap deep enough. Helicoil taps work like any other tap, the ones normally available are starting taps, fine foe through holes. This fitting is a blind hole so you may need a bottoming tap. These have only 2 of the first threads tapered instead of 6...
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    BlackHawk Down CUCVs

    Sand bag improvised armor in the M1008A1s?
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    Brake pedal is spongy but still works well

    DOT4 and DOT5 are not compatible, you will have problems soon as these gel when mixed.
  7. Keith_J

    Brake pedal is spongy but still works well

    Old master cylinder had DOT4?
  8. Keith_J

    Ebay Aluminum Radiator Installation

    Copper on aluminum will cause corrosion in the aluminum when it gets wet. Or even humid.
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    Here We Go Again Low Voltage M1009

    Odd that the battery voltage is higher than the alternator. Sounds like front battery ground or passenger alternator negative connection problem.
  10. Keith_J

    CUCVRUS Repair Projects

    I've repaired a few of them. Far better than the MTD models in design. AYP are a bit better than MTD.
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    Broken Starter Bolt

    Starter bolts break because of fatigue. This is evident in the very low deformation of the fracture plane, the pieces fit together tightly. A bolt failure from transverse shear would show offset deformation. Tensile failure is indicated by necking or reduction of diameter at fracture plane...
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    volt meter relay location

    Yes, automotive standard 12 volt coil. Detailed on wiring diagrams.
  13. Keith_J

    volt meter relay location

    One is the excited circuit for passenger alternator, the other is the voltmeter. Both needed to remotely switch these circuits from the 12 volt ignition switch.
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    Ebay Aluminum Radiator Installation

    Great info ssdvc! With a new radiator, new rubber mounts are a good idea. Prothane makes urethane copies. This minimizes electrolysis which is the prime cause of aluminum failure.
  15. Keith_J

    Alternator driven diesel tach?

    I have the VDO tach mentioned in the quoted thread. ISSPro uses a Hall Effect or magnetic sensor, requiring 2 magnets to be installed on the crank pulley. Far from ideal because that is 2 pulses per revolution. And gluing magnets to the crank pulley is another failure point. Alternator...
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