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    Houston Title company

    After I acquire my HMMWV from Gov/Iron Planet I am going to try and go through the process manually at first, but if that fails then I am going to probably consider someone to provide a service to help title the HMMWV to be road legal. Anyone know of a company that is in the business of titling...
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    MTVR Cost

    I personally think 16K is still a good deal, if nothing else parts alone can recoop your money eventually.
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    Oshkosh MK23 MTVR 7 Ton 6x6 Cargo Truck

    I have been following them on IronPlanet/GovPlanet for about a year to see what price range they are selling for and what conditions I can expect. $16K-$20K with minor issues. Are they street/road legal? Are these things the same as 5 tons legally? Can we just drive them off the lot or do we...
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    MTVR Cost

    ironplanet isnt letting any go below 16K. im watching the live auction and they just keep extending the time until they reach above that $$. The non running ones are under 10K though.
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