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    Hauling available: Gilbert, PA to West Coast

    I'll be leaving Gilbert and heading back to my home in central Nevada. I've got 12' of space available up to Cheyenne, WY and then 24' of space available after that. My route is flexible, either I-80 or I-70. Will be going to Sacramento after returning home. Email me directly if you need...
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    Denver to Nevada: empty trailer

    I'll be traveling empty from Denver to my home in Nevada. 10K capacity, 24' trailer, winch, ramps. Can deviate route to Idaho or California. Email me directly, no PM's, no replies to this thread as I am on the road and can't always check this site. Thanks! Mike Pop
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    Hauling: East Coast to West Coast

    Email me directly as stated in first post. Please include exact towns for pick up and delivery.
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    Empty Trailer: Denver to NV, CA, UT, ID

    Looking for a back haul...empty 24' trailer from Denver to points west. 10K capacity, winch, ramps. Plenty of experience and references. Shoot me an email directly: Thanks, Mike Pop 1952 M38A1
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    Hauling: East Coast to West Coast

    I'll be on the road in mid March. So far I'm empty from NJ back to my home in NV. My route is flexible so if you need something moved, let me know. 24' trailer, 10K capacity, winch, ramps. Plenty of experience and references. Not only am I a hauler but an MV owner. In the mean time...
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    6.5l diesel engine from NY to OK

    Doghead, Maybe it's somewhere on the NY Thruway, could be near the Tappan Zee? I love playing guessing games when trying to give a hauling quote! How have you been?
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    6.5l diesel engine from NY to OK

    Can you be a little more specific? How about the towns for pickup and drop off? Both states are very big and since most shippers charge by the mile, the more information you can provide, the better.
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    Unimog SEE parts Ft Lewis to Sacramento area

    If you don't need the parts, you might want to contact Rob Pickering in La Junta, CO. He's got a couple SEE tractors on his lot and may need parts. I may be taking a trip to Wallace, ID to deliver an M43 ambulance. I will be returning to Nevada with an empty trailer. I could haul these for...
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    List of Shippers??

    I've been hauling for eight years, collecting military vehicles for ten years. Lots of repeat customers who know that I am in the hobby and I know the vehicles. I'm someone they can trust to get the job done at a reasonable price. For pictures of some of my hauls over the years: Hauling...
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    anyone comming from NC to NY?

    I'm leaving for Florida this morning, going to Cayuga, NY next week. Plenty of space on my trailer!
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    anyone comming from NC to NY?

    Thanks Art! PM sent to longshot...
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    How much is this LARC worth?

    janstorbakken: PM sent to you.
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    How much is this LARC worth?

    It's still available. At this point, any reasonable offers will be accepted, otherwise it's going to the scrapyard.
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    Troop Seats from Mt. Airy Md. to Aberdeen Event

    I can bring the seats back to NJ from Aberdeen if they need a ride north.
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    FF8 Aggregate trailer

    I found this quite easily: TM-5-3895-330-10 Spreader Aggregate Towed: Force Feed . Pneumatic Tires 8 Ft. Width (Burch Corp Model FF-8) Manual Good luck, Mike Pop
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