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    radiator m35a2

    Hello could someone tell me if the gas engine trucks and the multifuel truck radiators Are the same? Thanks
  2. ncduece

    value of m49a2c Tank

    here are some pictures of the truck. truck runs great just has brake issues, fenders are a little crusty thats about it. i would trade for a good bobbed truck. located in WV
  3. ncduece

    value of m49a2c Tank

    I just purchased a m49a2c and have no need for the tank bed. i understand these are made of stainless steel. just wondering what its value might be, sale vs scrap? i might be interested in trading.
  4. ncduece

    MEP-017a - No Output, What to do next?

    glad you got it going.
  5. ncduece

    MEP-017a - No Output, What to do next?

    voltage regulator------------power the f1, f2 terminals with 12 volts should put out 120 volts
  6. ncduece

    M342a2 factory dump truck is now home

    mine was very stiff when i first got it almost to the point of not being able to move it. my problem was in the linkage support bearings in the cab and under neath . spend a half hour soaking them in oil while moving it back and forth and will it probably solve your problem. mine now moves very...
  7. ncduece

    M342a2 factory dump truck is now home

    I have one of these trucks. when you pull the lever all the way forward it engages the pto and raises the bed. when you move it to the rear a little the bed will stay in position. move it a little further and the bed will lower. i have never noticed any positive detents. i can only feel when...
  8. ncduece

    jcb backhoe from frankford delaware to 26619

    its the same machine as the 1400 but its a 4wd. i would think about another 800lbs for the 4wd.
  9. ncduece

    jcb backhoe from frankford delaware to 26619

    Hello i need a jcb 1700b backhoe moved from frankford delaware to exchange wv 26619. site were machine is located will assist with loading. please pm me with a price and when it can be done. thanks
  10. ncduece

    to destroy a m342 or not?

    I purchased a m342 a year or so ago. iI have been using it on my project in wv. the question i have for you guys is that that truck is starting to need quite a bit of up keep . i just replace the head gaskets, now the turbo is out and its loosing brake fluid, will need a new starter soon yada...
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    M135 spit'n and sputter'n

    one other note if the plugs are black they will show a spark out of the engine but alot of times will not fire when placed back in the engine, a note about the compression test, the gauges come with a check valve in them so the leaking down is a gauge problem, also open the throttle when doing...
  12. ncduece

    M135 spit'n and sputter'n

    plug the spark plugs see if they are black if so they are gas fouled and will cause the problems you are having i.e the carb is running rich maybe flooding, they can also gas foul from a weak spark. i would check the voltage to the coil first, then condenser, alot of problems that act fuel...
  13. ncduece

    MEP017A - Alternative to MEP002A

    i ordered this kit 2 weeks ago and am in the process of installing it. the 13620" is the correct number, the only problem i have run into is the fittings they send you are to long and wont work, there is not much room between the bottom of the carb and engine block. which looks like a easy fix...
  14. ncduece

    LDS465 vs LDT465

    will the lds 5 ton clutch splines mate to the 2.5 ton transmission. i.e can you just change the bell housing then bolt to the 2.5 trans
  15. ncduece

    engine gaskets

    where can i get engine gaskets like intake exhaust besides Memphis.
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