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    WTB or WTKnow Where: "ARMS" FOR THE NO. 19 SET MOUNT?

    I have seen repro ones on ebay recently.
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    MV of the Month Nominations December 2014

    Hi again! As far as the engine goes mine has the Continental/Wright W670 petrol engine in it. Here is a link to a short 20 second video on my YouTube channel for those who would like to see and hear it run. Enjoy! Phil...
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    MV of the Month Nominations December 2014

    "What makes it Hybrid?" Well a Hybrid is the cross over from a M3 to a M3A1. The main differences being:- M3A1 turret but no turret basket and usually had the early gun mount, no aux-gen, most retained the riveted angular rear armour tail piece, co-drivers front hatch retained 2 holding open...
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    MV of the Month Nominations December 2014

    My M3 Stuart Hybrid. Mfg. Berwick May 1942 Hull No. 5077, W308510, T38653. Phil...
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    My 1st MUTT

    Well last week i just did a 1200 mile return trip to bring home mt MUTT and had it at its 1st event last week end. It requires a few things done to it to bring it up to how I think it should be. Includeing radios, a fresh coat of paint and new markings. Phil...
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    Ferret mark 2/4 in sw Florida

    Nice straight looking Ferret! I have recently got a Mk1 circa 1953 to do up. But my one did come with a heap of NOS parts. Good luck with it and have fun! Any questions drop me a line. Phil...
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    Ferret down under picking trip.

    Ok here are some photos of some of the goodies i have scored for it:- * pair of NOS planetary boxes * NOS gear box * NOS 1955 dated engine in the crate * exscape hatch c/w outside stowage box and inside ammo stowage box * set of 4 NOS WD marked run-flat tiers on rims * correct air cleaner c/w...
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    Ferret down under picking trip.

    Well just home from a long week end picking trip. Got an assortment of goodies for my Mk1 Ferret scout car. Parts included:- *Engine, B60 RR NOS in crate packed in 1955. *tiers, qty 4 "lazy S" type NOS on rims. *gear box NOS *plantary boxes, 1 pair NOS. *smoke distchargers, 1 pair. *escape...
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    M3A1 Stuart 1st Parade Of The year

    Looks and sounds good Steve! Mine is off the road at the moment as we have to pull the engine and do some serviceing and other mainenance on it. Phil...
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    WW II Tank Relics

    Interesting collection of photos. I recornise a few Australian wrecks. I Know one of the M3 stuarts has since been restored. Phil...
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    Need a reccomendation for parts

    I would definatly give midwest a try. Very helpful and friendly. I know they show the decals on their web site and good chance they will list what else you need. They have helps me so much with my project jeep down here in australia. Phil...
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    Must addmit I do have a soft spot for the old LandRover (some may say between the ears) I used them in the army and privately too. Just did not like those series 3 with the 6cyl petrol motor boat anchor. One interesting thing in trails in the late 1950's LandRover won out over the M38A1 jeep...
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    I could be wrong but didn't some of the US special forces use Land Rover defenders not all that long a go?:razz: Phil...
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    Can you ID this gear?

    Hi there! Well the GRA-39 is one half of the remote control set up used with the PRC-25, PRC-77, VRC-524 etc. It enables remote control of a radio set up to 2 miles away via D10 field phone wire. The part you have there is the base unit that attaches to the radio set. The head set is of the...
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