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    Newbie from GA

    Welcome from beautiful downtown Fort Valley, GA. I've got 2 deuces, always glad to see more enthusiasts!
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    New m108 Crane Truck Project

    People that let trucks like this get into this kind of shape, need to be taken out and shot!!
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    002a fuel lines

    All the hose on the 002/003 gensets is -5 (5/16" nominal), except the return line from the IP which is a -4. The -5 is expensive and usually hard to find. Two things I do with my gensets is change out the adapters and change to -6 hose which is easier to find - if you can find some surplus...
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    M35A2, fuel pump not working. How do you prime without.

    FYI: You can get 24 volt fuel pumps from around $30 - I've used them and they work fine.
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    First Deuce!

    Good lookin' truck! Welcome from middle Georgia.
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    New here from central Florida

    Welcome from Georgia! I've got a couple of deuces - M35A2 and M49A2C they do take a little work, but I wouldn't trade them for anything.
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    WHAT?!? $756.32 Won EVERYTHING! (M35A2)

    That's not fair, you have an inside track! :-)
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    Official 2014 SS Georgia Rally Info SSGR14 thread

    Someone left about a one inch thick USMC manual on the tongue of my trailer Sunday morning (right between Gunnermac and Streamline). PM me and I'll get it back to you.
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    Official 2014 SS Georgia Rally Info SSGR14 thread

    Robo If you can give me an idea or even a list of what you need, I can check it on my deuces if need be. I have many thousands of new milspec nuts, bolts, washers, screws, etc (and a few used ones too) from a military surplus business I used to have. You're welcome to whatever you need that I...
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