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    M1089A1 diagnostics help

    I'm completely without any Cat knowledge or contacts. :-(
  2. snakehunter1964

    M1089A1 diagnostics help

    Hey folks. I have a late 90s M1089A1 that is throwing a check engine light and derating when this happens. I have a DPAIII Plus and the software but am wary of trying to connect it to the truck as I don't know where to connect it. The kit has a lot of adapter cables and the ICE...
  3. snakehunter1964

    M35, Going To A Larger Tire Using Same Wheels?

    Some words of wisdom right there.
  4. snakehunter1964

    Looks Like M-1081 LVAD "Animal Mother" 19SFG Mothership Is Going to Happen! Parts #s?

    I am so in! I have a truck, just need to start convertin
  5. snakehunter1964

    M35 Front Axle Seal Replacement

    I had good luck with a very beefy slide hammer/seal remover borrowed from the local parts shop. Worked great on 2 different front seals. I do like Cattlerepairman's solution. No hammering required.
  6. snakehunter1964

    Transport a Non-running M1078 from 50131 to 75125

    She's all paid for at Gov Planet and ready to come home. Thanks Mark
  7. snakehunter1964

    M977 HEMTT Acquisition

    I am OFF the wagon. Now, where did I leave those classifieds? ...
  8. snakehunter1964

    What have you done to your HEMTT/PLS/MK48 this week

    HEMTT or MK48. How did you answer that question?
  9. snakehunter1964

    First Deuce renovation - with pics

    Thanks everyone. Next project, a bobber with a longer wheelbase (not a shortie). My final project will be a crew cab with A/C and power'll probably kill me, if I survive bobbing one!
  10. snakehunter1964

    First Deuce renovation - with pics

    Tires are never as easy as you think they will be. I wanted to go with A3 wheels so I had a stock setup that wouldn't run afoul of DOT. I found a nice set of wheels, cleaned up the beads and installed new o-rings. I guess I was naive to think a 250lb tire would be straightforward to mount...
  11. snakehunter1964

    First Deuce renovation - with pics

    Banishing faded paint. It sure feels good to clean the paint gun after it's been used a bunch. That's OD green poetry... .
  12. snakehunter1964

    First Deuce renovation - with pics

    Nice. Remote Reservoir and power bleeder in one unit. I just might do that on one of my keepers. Already have A/C and 4 new hummer seats laying in wait for a crew cab i plan on building and this would be a cool addition.
  13. snakehunter1964

    First Deuce renovation - with pics

    Got the fender on and the bed off. The bed had a LOT of sand packed in all the nooks and crannies so I found a good excuse to buy a pressure washer. Word to the wise: Work on your brakes while the bed is off. What a difference because I flipped the hubs while the bed was off, but reworked the...
  14. snakehunter1964

    First Deuce renovation - with pics

    Thanks. It's actually done already. I painted it the current green/black/brown camo scheme. I'll get some more pics posted soon. It's almost as hard to organize the pictures as it is to flip the hubs on these rascals.
  15. snakehunter1964

    First Deuce renovation - with pics

    After having 1 deuce for 3 years, I decided to buy a few recently "off the base" trucks and have some green iron fun. This was a really nice solid running truck with a winch so I thought my first project would be a fast of tasks. What I figured would be a few...
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