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    how to soundproof the humvee

    I used Noico sound deadener. I saw a lot of car stereo people were using it, so I bought some off Amazon to to the cab floors of my M1009. Works great, easy to install, sticks, and conforms without lifting to the compound curves. Although I did cut it in multiple sections to make installing it...
  2. Warren Lovell

    Rams Mobile Power X-Doors

    I have to agree with you on these stupid prices. but it is supply and demand. I love my H1 doors. Pretty durable. I would like a set of X doors though... I have been watching many auctions...and they arte not selling at the high prices. Hopefully I can cobble up a nice set and massage them back...
  3. Warren Lovell

    Surplus Auction for Humvees

    100,000 no crack problems on mine... 85,000 which I put on myself.
  4. Warren Lovell

    PVC beadlocks

    So, in using the beadlocks - no blast can is needed to seat the bead to the rim since it is locked when the tow wheel halves are torques together?
  5. Warren Lovell


    use magnets to hold stencil in place...
  6. Warren Lovell

    Using house paint. on HMMWV

    I think you should use whatever you want to paint your vehicle. That being said, water-born house paint is less toxic than real CARC. You should be painting CARC with a hood and fresh air supply. If you can sense any faint have a leak. CARC IS a polyurethane paint system and contains...
  7. Warren Lovell

    D-DAY: Sharing a container to France R/T?

    I am in the planning stages of shipping my 1942 Ford over to France for an end of may arrival for the 75th anniversary of D-Day. Going to stay two weeks and then ship it back to the west coast. I was wondering if anyone else is going to Normandy with their jeep. If so and you are leaving from...
  8. Warren Lovell

    New Windshield glass sources?

    My rust was at the two top corners! You would think they would be at the bottom, but the lower corners were clean. I have noticed the irregularity of the pinch weld due to spot welding. If that pinch weld was smooth and uniform throughout, the rubber weather-strip would have a better seal...
  9. Warren Lovell

    New Windshield glass sources?

    Got a tinted windshield with antenna delivered for $120. Getting the windshield gasket with locking trim from Precision. What are you guys using on the pinch-weld before you put the weather strip on? Or are you going dry?
  10. Warren Lovell

    SOFTSEAL windshield weatherstrip?

    Anyone use the Softseal brand of windshield weather-strip? I contacted the company and they have the seal, but they said there is no locking strip. I was under the impression that the stock seals had a locking strip. Anyone have any good sources for the windshield weather-strip? WAR
  11. Warren Lovell

    New Windshield glass sources?

    Question: Anyone buy a new windshield recently? Looking for a good vendor. I tried locally, but am getting Safelite, AAA autoglass...all installers - and I want to do this myself. LMC - $254 ($129 + $125 freight) Brothers - $249 ($139 + $110 shipping)
  12. Warren Lovell

    Stencilling Trick

    Has anyone seen a restored P51 Mustang? They NEVER looked like that in the theater of operations in WW2. I can appreciate a vehicle that has not been over restored. I am guilty of this...and it is a hard trait to break, going from collector vehicles to mil vehicles. My uncle was in the US Army...
  13. Warren Lovell

    Using house paint. on HMMWV

    My opinion, and please don't take it as anything caustic, but I think just because you are in the vehicle restoration business, it does not make one an authority on all paint systems. I have also been in this business (restoring classic cars and motorcycles) and would have not recommended house...
  14. Warren Lovell

    AcDelco Replacement Lock Cylinders, General Anti-Theft Tips

    My M1009 has the chain for steering wheel and also a parking brake latch that a padlock goes on the the e-brake is pulled out.
  15. Warren Lovell

    Black exterior door handles source

    My M1009 had not been repainted. I pulled the handles off. They looked grey from fading, but the bottom portion looks to be flat or satin. because it is smooth I would say almost satin, but again - hard to tell from the wear and fading. I would defer to CUCVRUS.
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