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Thread: WSUCougarx's M561 Gama Goat Acquisition and Build Thread

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    Default Soft Door Refurbished

    I've had a pile of soft Gama Goat doors sitting by my garage for a couple years now. Just one of those out of sight out of mind kind of projects. As we get closer to July 4th, my memory took me back to driving to Centralia for their July 4th festival. I shivered a good part of the way down due to my lack of clothing, low temperatures, and wind chill through my doorless truck. I thought it was a good idea to get those doors back into serviceable condition and get them mounted.
    First order of business was scrubbing the heck out the doors. They had a few decades of desert dust/sand/grime baked on them. It took some doing. Next I shot a few coats of Behr Forest Green on them and redid the MERDC camo pattern. Once dried I sewed on Clear Vinyl Marine Fabric 40 Gauge Isinglass Double Polished, I used a C.S. Osborne sewing awl for the job. Besides a few puncture wounds in the fingers, a couple broken awl needles, she turned out great. A great tip for anyone re-doing the windows, leave on the old window while you sewing on the new window. This will keep tension on the door skins for a proper mounting.
    Luckily the
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