002a fuel line replacement


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Getting an 002a ready to be a backup at our house in NH.

Fresh batteries and oil in, sucked out the old diesel from the tank and replaced with new. It started and ran, power was output to the convenience 120v plug to run a light strip and an electric heater to see the function test.

Fuel filters next.

When it was running, the rubber fuel line between a T fitting and what I believe was the IP was leaking up at the top. I tried an O'Reilly's, a NAPA and another nearby auto part store. The flared NPT fitting was too long to make the 'corner' out of the IP.

Long story short, I went to a custom hydraulic line shop. The line was junk anyway, so he cut it open and determined that while there was a spring inside it to prevent collapse, it was not a high pressure line. The picture of the before and the one they fabricated is attached. Will this work OK, pressure wise?


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If a professional hydraulic shop built a suitable replacement from an original sample, I'd send it. Keep the old one for a little while just incase something happens to the new one. Most lift pumps I'm aware of run in the 8-15 psi range (except Ford @ 45-65) so unless your gem has a pissed off lift pump, I'd bet even money you're gonna be good for years to come.

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