395/85r20 mraps tire rub issues

dezert ratt

menifee, ca
I am just waiting on a shipment of 1" bolts. Then I will be putting on my new rims and tires.
So I articulated the rear suspension today, checking how far from the bed the tires get.
With stock 9.00 ndt tires, I have about 1 1/2 inches of clearance before the tire rubs the bottom of the bed. So my next question is, how bad do the 395's on mraps rub on the deuce and a half? I am not looking forward to chunking up my brand new tires on the bed ribs.
What have you guys done or experienced to get around this issue?
It looks like I can pretty easily make some solid spacers to lower the rubber bump stops, but then we're losing articulation.
Or I could tub the bed and keep full use of the rear suspension. Has anyone gone this far?
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Cincy Ohio
I have been running 395s for years. Never had issues with them rubbing and "chunking" on the rears. The fronts have torn up my louvers on the inner fenders though.


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Clint, TX
When they do rub, they rub on the outside curve of the bed reinforcements, not on a sharp edge. Just polished the metal some. I imagine it would be worse with quite a load on the truck but mine barely rubs with three quads and some coolers in the back. And that is that I know I have articulated the rear enough to alternately pick up each rear axle and tire sets. I saw an A3 go before me over the dirt berms that caused the articulation but his did not rub as he has a slightly shorter tire.
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