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Summerfield, Fla.
I put my mule to work yesterday. Started it up, got it up to temperature, plugged in the stove and started with broiler (3400watts) for 15 minutes. Then added 2 small burners (2400watts) ran that for 2 hours. My percentage rate meter does not seem to move much at all. Gained a couple degrees in engine temperature. Then I put the other 2 large burners (5200watts) to it, total 11,000watts for half an hour, ran great ! Gained a couple more degrees of temperature to 190°, dropped a couple oil psi to 38. Voltage at lugs varried between 239-241, L1 =121 L3=119. Hz only moved half a Hz up or down, percentage meter finally moved some, but only read 30%. After that I backed it down to the original 3400watts for 15 minutes then took it back up to 7000watts for another half hour, then turned load off, for a 15 minute cool down before shutting it off. I'm very pleased with it's performance !


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You've got one of the old style gauges for the percent load gauge. Since it was able to take the load without popping the overload light, I would say the gauge is faulty. Usually its the S8 (reconnection switch) that needs to be cleaned when the gauge is not working properly but 90% of the time, you'll also pop the overload fault if that is the issue. Just for reference, at 11,000 watts the gauge will be reading a little above 80% load because at 10,000 watts it will read 80% exactly.
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