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If this has been posted before, well, I searched and couldn't find it, so I'm posting it now in case anyone does a search under the title key words. When I searched I did find threads but with no specific numbers, just advice on how much would probably be good enough.

The ground/negative wire: 2 feet

The positive wire: 5 feet

The numbers may not be exact, and I may have rounded up an inch or 2. When I measured the positive it came a little short of 5 feet, but the wire is bent and cut in two and I just decided it was 5 feet.

The above were the lengths I pulled off. My replacements are a little longer because I wanted more flexibility. Sometimes the connections held better depending on which way they came into the battery box - a little hard to explain, but just say I want longer battery cables. Since I didn't know how much to order I just ordered 10 feet of each.

I'm using 4/0 wire for my replacement.
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