Dual fuel tank install


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Richmond, VA
I finally have completed my auxiliary tank installation using your design as a guide. I used the motorized valve that you suggested and it works great! I mounted it under my heater box on the drivers side fender. I mounted my check valves on the inside of the frame rail near the primary fuel tank and ran the line to my aux tank across the cross member. I also mounted my "tee" connection for the vent line there too. I used copper tubing except for the ends at the fuel tank and the valve, where I used stainless steel flexible lines for ease of installation. I mounted my switch in the same empty hole on the dash as you did! Except I mounted mine "sideways" to differentiate between the left (Aux) tank and the right (primary) tank. 20190920_153058.jpg20190920_152958.jpg20190914_161013.jpg20190907_133436.jpg20190817_165223.jpg20190901_140637.jpg
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