Generator AUX fuel connections


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For those of us (you) who like things tidy, less risk of contamination:


#10-32 SS hex screw (same as used on genset). Cap was $3.75 (got a 2-fer on the popular auction site for $7.50, shipped)

Edit: 10-27-2018

An update to hardware fittings. Being intimately familiar with Murphy’s law, I put a shutoff valve inline with the cap outlet, and thought someone might find this helpful too. Had to buy a 1” extension (1/4 NPT to 1/4 NPT) for the valve to clear the compression plate (could’ve dismantled it, I guess, but not familiar with innards or reassembly).

I put a 3/8” to 1/4 NPT adapter on the bottom of the bung, 3/8” copper (I used K, but L could work as well) tube, piece of Continental nitrile hose, clamps, and a WIX 330003 filter (good for 20 microns, IIRC) for a pickup.

Haven’t cut the tube to length yet, but will set if about 1/2 inch from the bottom of the drum (55 gal). Figure if enough fuel can feed through a normal 1/4 inch ID hole through the filter, shouldn’t be a problem getting fuel though the holes I made in it.

Overkill? I don’t think so, just cheap, easily replaced insurance.

Improvise. Adapt. Overcome.

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For stationary use, you should be OK as the fuel will still suck through the line and through the copper fuel shaft submerged. With that said, I might have the top with rubber washer, that is missing parts, that I could part with. Let me rummage through the garage tomorrow, and I will circle back.


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​I'm a little stuck on paying over a #100 for bung adapter, so I ordered a replacement plastic bung set for the large and small holes on 55 gal drum two sets for $7 on Amazon free ship month. The large one is threaded for a 3/4" pipe thread. So I'll buy a copper reducer 3/4" male NPT to 1/2" cu sweat run a capped piece of rigid 1/2 cu pipe down to the bottom with a few slits on the pipe an inch off the bottom. Then I can get 1/2 cu down to 3/8" pipe to AN fitting. Maybe even use outboard gas tank fittings for quick disconnect. Still have not decided on venting. As I'm picturing 55 gallons on end in a hurricane rain storm collecting water on the top side, don't want vent bringing water in. So either drum shower cap held down by magnets sewn in, or maybe something else. Accepting good ideas, don't have pics, just found some nice drums, were used for honey.
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What ever you do, when you get it, take the time to rub some silicone grease into the rubber. It keeps the rubber from cracking. If the bung adapter is outside in the sun, once, twice a year is good.
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