GM 8 vs HX35 turbo for boost control

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I currently have an old GM 4 on my 6.2 that is on it's last leg and I'm trying to decide which direction to go with my next turbo. I know I can easily mount up either an HX35 or GM 8 for cheap since all of the fab work is done and there is a custom downpipe available for the HX35. So my question is how can I control the boost on these turbos to keep them at 10psi or less? The engine is bone stock so I'm not willing to really turn the boost up yet.

I have seen people using springs to make the HX35's wastegate open sooner but I'm not sure that's possible with the GM8. Are there any other simple low boost turbos I could use? I don't tow, I live in a flat area and I'm not looking for crazy power, just a little pep. The truck has a full 3" straight pipe at the moment and a 4l80e . I was also looking at maybe running a hood stack to get rid of the current 3" body lift to clear the downpipe.

I also have a DB2831-4911 injection pump laying around that I'm thinking about swapping in. Would this run too rich with <10psi of boost? I'm relatively new to diesels and have read that running rich can cause some issues with them.
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Have you looked into wastegates? I've used an adjustable boost elbow on one that you can set and forget to whatever PSI you chose.


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Maybe the following might be on interest to you:

I've decided to get this one myself for the 6.5 I'm going to put in my M1028. Looks like you can set and forget using the spring. If going with a GM-8 turbo look at Heath's Turbo-Master or Leroy's Turbo Spool Stick. Ordered Leroy's myself for my K1500.
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