Half shaft broke

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If the bolts that broke were M10.9, then your torque wrench may be somewhat out of calibration. For 57 ft-lbs to have yielded and broken these bolts, the nut factor would have to be down around 0.10, which corresponds to something like a moly lube. If the bolts are plated with certain coatings that can drive the nut factor down.

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Bolts are Not 12.9....factory is 10.9...here's part of the spec :
Material Document and ClassificationG-500-M(10.9), fscm 11862 mfr ref single material response overall
And here is whats in the Parts manual : NSN 5306011857048 . P.N. 11516306 BOLT,MACHINE 10-1.5 X 35 MM......... 12 Ea.
Quick note... If you are replacing with the Auto Zone half shaft, you will need to get the standard equivalent of this bolt. I just got this bolt and it does not fit. I did get the standard equivalent (I believe it was 3/8-60 but the highest grade they have in the standard (at least that I can find) is an 8. The guy at the parts store tells me that the standard grade 8 is the same as the metric grade 10.9 and even pointed to his sign that states that so I'm not sure. Only problem is the bolt I got is a little too long so I need to go back yet again to get another one.
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