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I have the perfect site for a dealership!


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The M715 was not successful?
It had a reputation of not being built tough enough. It was a commercial truck adapted for use as a tactical vehicle. It was not designed from the ground up as a tactical vehicle, and since it was used as one it didn't weather the abuse well at all. The drivetrain had numerous faults as well. It didn't fare well with hard use and spotty Army maintenance. The specific issues are discussed in depth around the interwebs.

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I drove a kimchee m715 when I was in korea they had a big an Nissan diesel and were an impressive truck I kind of thought that is how we should have made ours


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I really hope they kept simple systems on these trucks, went away from all of the electronics, tire inflation systems, etc. used on the 900 series trucks. Seeing how many owners have problems with all of the components on the 900 series I think it is a big mistake for the armed forces to go to that kind of sophistication for a truck that soldiers will depend on, possibly ultimately to save their lives under harsh conditions away from repair services. The M series vehicles are simple systems to maintain. They can run without batteries if given a push start. Keep the ability of the truck to run and drive away from being controlled by a bunch of electronic systems so dependability is at the highest level. It is my opinion, the simpler the better for dependable service! I have always had the impression the Russian Ural trucks are tough puppies, an example of a truck simple in design and with the ability to keep going under really adverse conditions. I'll bet a steak dinner they do not have all of the sophisticated systems prone to problems we have gone to. Maybe all of the sophistication was due to EPA. EPA regulators very seldom have to live or die by their BS regulations to save the world like a soldier will ultimately have to with the trucks, so they do not know or care what the real world is.

It is my understanding, and I'll find out more from the factory, but they have kept to the very simple design. I know it does have a fusebox, at least on the newer versions (KM250) for running A/C and what not, but still pretty simple system. They test the trucks after they are produced by parking them in front of an EMP machine to test its functionality in those conditions, and it works just fine. I know the trucks do not have a CTIS system in them. The K511 series I believe is basically an exact copy of the last series production M35a2, with the ONLY difference being the engine. Same braking system, dash, cab layout, axles, etc.
As far as its ability to meet current EPA regulations, I'll have to go find the engine model again and check by that.
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My son and I were very happy to see these trucks being made. We noted they even copied correctly the brick hard way the M715 rides! reducing tire pressure helps. I have to say I still prefer the M37 over it.
My biggest complaint about the M715 is that the top of the door opening in the cab needs to be about 2" higher so I do not hit my head so often!
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