Losing fuel prime many things done already, still won't run unless bled

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Not only do you want a J code pump, but the actual model number for your truck. There is some interchangeability, but there are several different model applications for a DB2 IP in the 6.2. Not sure what original CUCV pump was, but I believe the DB2 4544 is what I put in one of mine, and it seems fine.

There are some differences in fuel volume and timing, manual vs auto transmission, etc. A good injector shop should be aware of this though, so if they know what truck it is going in , should be OK.

I tried to link to chart of DB2 pump numbers linked to older thread here, but seems it does not work anymore. I'm sure it is out there somewhere though.


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I think the 4544 is what supercedes most of the CUCV IP's. I think that's what they will build it to, but I will have a call with them in the new year to be sure. We were talking part numbers and the rep from DC was talking supercedes numbers also, so I am pretty sure it I had this https://www.steelsoldiers.com/threads/list-of-stanadyne-db2-pumps.110581/ I might have made a better choice. Maybe not. I did call to make sure before ordering. At any rate, it should be nice for winter tomorrow, I think I might yank that pump and get ready for the new one :)

The link for awesome thread from scoutdoors1000

Best info I have found so far....wish I knew then what I know now. Thanks all :)


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The original CUCV 6.2 OEM pump is Stanadyne DB28294267. GM part #14077179. John Hucksdorf at Hucksdorf Diesel can supply this pump completely rebuilt to OEM specs and flow tested.

I haven’t read this whole thread so I will ask the question - have you checked the rubber fuel supply hose that attaches to the pump inlet under the intake? If your hose is original, it’s probably dry rotted. I’ve known this hose to be deteriorated just enough to not leak fuel, but enough to suck air. Just a thought.
Hope this helps.
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