M200A1 Lunette Ring Conversion to a drop 2-5/16 ball hitch


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I’m writing to see if anyone on the site has even made a hitch convention for a M200A1. I would still like to be able to tow the max weight of the Trailer which is ~7000 lbs on a 2-5/16 ball. On the trailer there is a (removable) standard MIL lunette ring which looks to taper fit into the front of the trailer receiver. Even with the trailer jack lowered to the lowest point it is too high to connect to a pick up truck. If I lifted a pintle hitch on the truck I believe It would interfere with a lowered tailgate.
Has anyone created a custom dropped ball hitch to fit to a tapered steel shaft that mounts like the lunette? This would allow me to swap between pintle ring or ball. Or has anyone simply welded a dropped ball hitch to the face of the front of the lunette receiver with the ring removed? I don’t want to make this too complicated...
Also any other suggestions for creating a 2 5/16 inch ball receiver to the M200A1.


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oklahoma city, ok
Does your ring rise up or slope down on your trailer? If it rises up, you might get what you need by removing it and flipping it 180. A quick google for your trailer shows rings going both ways so it seems like it could be an easy fix. Did the same thing + flipping the nose bracket on my M101A1 and it sits level behind my Chevy C10.
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