M35A2 "Big Iron 1-7" (my first Duce)

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New Caney, TX
I just bought my first Duce from FuzzyToaster! 1988 M35A2C with a M332 Ammo trailer. Long run home from Dallas to Houston, but we made it!

I had to leave the M332 behind, the light plug was not going into the Duce's socket, and I wasn't going to run dark (or risk running dark since the plug would fall out if you looked at it wrong!) so that's going to be a challenge to fix, but more to get it home!

The truck is called "Big Iron 1-7" and will be used for highwater rescue. Big Iron is what we called the USCG Jayhawk helicopters (yes, I was a puddle pirate!) and the 1-7 is an honor to all those who had to go out, but did not come back. Especially the lost on the 6017 (the last Jayhawk I flew on) and the Rescue 1705 (C-130 that collided with a USMC Helicopter. USCG C-130 was on a SAR mission, USMC was training).

To do list:
Fix the fuel gauge. (Might just be a bad connection? It reads full or empty... but no in-between)
Tighten the shifter.
Replace the troop seats.
Find a tarp and bows.
Build, buy, or fab a boarding ladder for the survivors to be able to climb in the back
Fix the Engine Shut-off pull handle. (Cable slipped off the end of the handle.)



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Camp Wood/LC, TX
Nice truck! Yes since we seem to get 500 year floods every two years, your truck will come in handy.
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