m35a2 driver seat

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I ordered the polaris snowmobile shock on ebay for $12. that should be in about a week, if no better then i will look for comfy bucket seats. I agree on comfort with you guys on this. after a few hours over rugged terrain i'm shot. the driver seat is an inch of foam over plywood. they could have done better!
I agree. After putting about 500 miles on my truck over two trips last month, I had to do something about the seat. I bought an A3 seat, and am putting it on the springer base. I will also be putting the air bag in that is referenced above.


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You could always upgrade to an air ride military seat. Going price is $400-500 each (brand new) plus shipping. Not bad for a seat that retails for $2,500 (Surplus retail sticker).

I just finished installing mine. The ride is much better and the seats helped me upgrade from lap belts to 3 point integrated seat belts. Just run an air line that terminates at a 1/4" push-connect air fitting to each seat. Manufacturer told me they can take anything from 80-120psi of air pressure.
How did you attach the 3 point seatbelts? 2 of the points are self-explanatory but what about the shoulder strap?


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I went to the scrap yard, searched for and removed an air ride seat out of an International cab, modified it slightly to fit the high-back humvee military seat and my ars* is very happy. It is amazing what the physical disconnect from every darn pot hole does for the overall quality of the ride. It still rides like an oxcart, but like a very comfortable oxcart.

Cost: $50 plus a few bucks for air line fittings. It also looks darn stock....as if the military would have spent the extra bucks! Ha!

If you want to do it right, adjust your current seat for comfortable height and measure accurately how high above the cab floor the seat cushion top on the new seat needs to be. Use this measurement to identify a suitable air ride seat. They need to "inflate" some and move higher, from their empty position, so make sure you do not get one that is too high from the get-go.

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