MEP-802/803/831 Generator Control & Parameter Monitor by WIFI Demo

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A few customers have requested the following feature and it is easily accomplished by purchasing a low cost WiFi switch relay.

Remote Start/Stop from anywhere via the internet
If you wish to remotely start and stop the generator using my controller from anywhere via the internet
you can purchase a Sonoff 4CH Pro R2 Advanced Smart Switch or a similar product. They are available on Amazon and eBay.
Any WiFi remote switch system that can connect to the internet via your homes router and has non-powered relay contacts.
Simply configure the Sonoff and connect one of it's relay channels to my controllers 2-wire interface.

If using this method you will only be able to Start & Stop the generator via the internet. You will NOT be able to view the
real time parameters over the internet. That can only be done via WiFi when you are within ~300 feet of the generator.
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