MEP-804B Governor control actuator problems


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Good afternoon guys, i'm having a problem with a GENSET, I can apply power with my power probe to the actuator and it works like normal and sends fuel through the injection pump, however when I reconnect it to the P10 connector plug I get NOTHING. Can anyone tell me where I can trace the wiring back to find where they originate from so I can see if there are any further faults somewhere for the non voltage getting to the pump from it's actual wiring.


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Screw magnetic pickup (4, Figure 4-30) into flywheel housing until pickup bottoms out on flywheel. Back magnetic pickup out 1 1/2 turns. Tighten locknut (5).

Adjust magnetic pickup (4), 4.13.3.d.

Set multimeter for VAC, and connect multimeter positive lead to terminal B of P13 and negative lead to terminal A.

Set MASTER CONTROL switch to ON and crank engine with DEAD CRANK switch. Observe
multimeter. Indication should be between 2.0 and 3.0 VAC*

If indications are not as above, back magnetic pickup out 1/4 to 1/2 turn. Retest by cranking engine and observe multimeter voltage.


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thanks for the reply ill give this one more try soon i was just cranking it with the master switch and a helper watching the meter i got it to 4vac ill try and get 2 to3 but the confusing part is i have 4 vac all the way to the A5 when i hook them up to 16&17 it then reads 20vac? and no power to the actuator terminals
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