My New(to me) Oshkosh M1070

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Hey all,
I recently traded my 5ton (and some $) for a 99 M1070 HET. The headlights, taillights, all markers work, but I cannot get the turn signals to work, or the brake lights. The headlights, tails, and front signals are all the halogen. The highbeam switch works, and dash light for it works, but no turn signals or brakes. Also, The PTO switch is not working, to operate the winches. The guy i got it from said it may be low on hydraulic fluid(which it is), would that cause the PTO to not come on? Last question. Almost all of the headliner has fallen down/off. Has anyone come up with a fix, or mod for this? My idea was to get some 1/4" polystyrene/foil rigid insulation, and I was going to use the existing headliner to make a template, and glue it to the insulation, and use very small self tapping screws, or glue it back on the roof. All in all, the truck is great!! Thanks in advanceView attachment 633021
Alright nitrox2595 ... This post was back in 2016. Are you tired of it yet? Looks like a heck of a toy!


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I got a Deuce and thought that was big. Then I got an M816 and thought that was big. But that's a huge.....truck. At least you don't have to worry about merging on the freeway. It will be like Moses parting the sea when they see you coming.
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