Official 2015 Military Transport Association of NJ Show & Swap Meet 4/18-19


Lake Como, PA
GREAT SHOW!!! I came home with A LOT of stuff that I'd been searching for unsuccessfully for a long time such as a wiffle tree and wrecker block and all at GREAT prices.

It was wonderful to meet and buy from SSG Gibb, talk to SteveKuhn who's email regarding an M37 I never got, meet old friends like Ken Kublo again, bump into fellow members 215Dave and Max1008. My only complaint is how popular John Tennis is. Me and by friend Zach (Norwich show) came by his table about three times on Saturday and each time he was talking to the same woman. We wondered if he was still talking to her on Sunday! John, we just wanted to say hi, we'll see you at Norwich.

It would have been really nice if there were signs (maybe at the main gate and one in each pavilion) stating that assistance was available with transport of large parts to the parking lot. I honestly did not know that existed and I moved a wiffle tree, three large wrecker blocks and medium tow bar axle clamps to the truck by hand. Not the end of the world, but knowing the cart or mule were available would have been nice.

The weather could not have been more beautiful on Saturday. I was sorry I did not get to camp.

It's unfortunate that some members were dissatisfied and I'm sure a lot of the complaints were probably justified, but I hope everyone remembers that the entire weekend is put together and run by volunteers. Perhaps some people need to volunteer next year and see what these guys go through to provide us with this show. I can only imagine the time and sweat involved in setting this up. Thank you to everyone who contributed.



New member
landing , new jersey
mike , yes it is a GREAT idea to have some signs maybe my cell number on it for the service we provide to get large items out, We have golf carts dedicated for that and a fork lift dedicated for that also !!!! :)) I think there will be a few signs, and scott and i will aks fred who handles vendors to maybe put in one of his e mails to vendors that there is this service, we have provided this since the very first show :)))) Maybe rather than have to go looking the sign will have my cell so I can reach scott to run the lift, or get a cart out :))) We actually try hard on this, stuff. That's a good call ... Thanks randy y


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North Carolina - FINALLY !
Soooooooo I was not able to go, I was at NC Steel Soldiers rally, but would really like to see some pics of what I missed. Really want to get to this one, even with all of the complaints (unfortunately the happy people rarely share that). There has to be more than a single photo from the show..........


Northern N.J.
Constructive criticism is always welcome. Hopefully we will have a post show committee meeting and all of the problems will be addressed for next years show.
Like Randy said, we always had a forklift at the shows, golf carts and mules to cart out to the cars.
Anybody that needs a place to store their goods while they shop or a delivery stop by my stand, my mule driver worked non stop all weekend.
Here are a few photos



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Front Royal, VA

Looks like it was a great show again, sorry I had to miss it due to work. Hopefully I'll get to see a few of the NJ/NY guys in Aberdeen in a few weeks....


toms river/nj
well we were on our way there in the mini van(yeah I know a minivan) we were like 10 minutes away when BANG! transmission decides it has other plans. so then proceeded to wait on NJ 15 for oh about 3.5 hrs! had to wait for a ride for the car and the troops. no tow company had a truck to fit all the kids in. so I think we'll try again for Aberdeen. I just got done rebuilding the transmission this weekend so fingers crossed
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