Parking brake handle relocation

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Ambridge, Pa
Well as the title said I'm thinking about relocating my parking brake handle from the left to right side of the drivers seat.

For three reasons; access, not catching my pants on it, and the parking brake cable is in the way of my extra tool box and knuckle boom crane components.

So the question is has anybody done it before?
Searching didn't get my much other than threads on rebuilding and replacing the parking brake cable.

Now I have a older whale tail handle with the old style cable, on the truck I also have a new style handle in my shed but with now cable.
I've shortened push pull cables before, so that wont be to bad. But I'm guessing I'll have to add some support to the floor section there.


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NORTH (Canada)
You have no idea what you are missing with your whale tail.
The gentle feeling of impalement with the new style handle when one slides off the seat just slightly the wrong way when getting out of the truck. Yup, brake's on! No light needed!

I don't see why it cannot be relocated. It is a lever and a pull cable. You are right about it needing a length adjustment and a reinforcement plate to mount on to prevent warping but that should be straightforward. Pics when you do it!
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