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That just means you will still be here once us old farts are gone ![/QUOTE

Your not officially old till you file for social security. Myself just turned 65 this month but applied for social security at 62 because I never thought I would make it to 65.
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I was looking at an explanation of the Torsen, Eaton Trutrac differential (Youtube link below)
Is this style differential available for a Deuce? It appears it is used in the HMMWV.
What are the disadvantages of the Torsen?
The disadvantage over some of the Torsen designs/versions is when driving on slippery (icy) surfaces. With an open diff, you would be much less likely to swap ends or have the rear slide out or slide down the crown of the road from both wheels slipping when applying power. I think the Military Hummer had a version of the Torsen that required light braking to get the diff to lock. That would be my choice, but I think they moved away from requiring the brakes to engage the lock.
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