Valve Stem and O Ring Group Buy?

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Well I just can't help myself from looking for deals all the time and I may have hit yet another one. This time it would be for 5 ton combat rim valve stems and o rings. After checking out the o rings I am confident they will work with the A3 wheels as well and maybe the HEMTT. I know the HEMTT o rings are huge but I don't have one to play with at the moment to test them. Anyway, i was considering buying a bunch of these and selling them as a package deal to make a small profit, but I like to share my good fortune, much to my wifes shagrin. So here is the deal, I bought a few of these already and am testing it all out on one of my rims. There is no difference whatsoever in the valve stem. The o ring a a bit thicker than the one that came out but that could be due to compression over time, I can't say for sure. To buy them in the small quantity that I did it cost me about $40 per tire, that was with shipping so still cheaper than those guys on eBay. I am told that if I was to buy a larger quantity of them I can get that down much lower. So my thought is that if there is enough interest here I should be able to get them shipped to you at between $30 and $35 a wheel. So that would be one o ring and one valve stem. I am sure I can buy more o rings than valve stems and it seems the valve stems are in short supply at the moment, coming direct from the manufacturer by the way. So if I was to guess I think I can get the o rings shipped to you for around $12 to $15 each.
Just like with the HH group buy I did a few months ago I will be using all flat rate shipping from USPS so if you buy more the standard flat rate is only applied once and not to each piece. I think a small flat rate box is around $5 or $6 and I know I can cram a few of these things in there.
Bottom line is I know they aren't a whole lot cheaper than eBay but they are still a bit cheaper and I have seem them sell the stems for $27 to $37 and charge close to $10 for shipping. So think of it as a free o ring tossed in on the deal. Please let me know if there is any interest in these and I will see what I can put together again.
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