Watch your hight!

Karl kostman

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Gosh I am so GLAD I am not the only one, I have two Deuces one is a straight cargo config and the other is Well we will get there! Last week I cleaned my shop out so I could get both Deuces inside well backed the cargo truck in no problem started to back the other one in and felt some "RESISTANCE" got out to make sure I was not driving over something in my shop and all clear, got back in the truck and had a terrible thought got out and looked up the last section to the overhead door on my shop was bent in half, Oh and just an FYI a Deuce with an S-280 shelter in the back is higher than a straight cargo truck, GOOD GRIEF!!!!!

Stan Leschert

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North Vancouver, BC, Canada
Get out your tape measure and labelling gun.
Post the unloaded clearance on your dash, near the most critical guage. ( the one that you are most afraid of on YOUR truck .. they varry! Me, air guage.

If you miss that one, well ... get out your wallet.
Stupid repairs can be kind of spendy!


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San Angelo, Tom Green County, Texas USA
The Volunteer Fire Department from shich we acquired our A2 "gave" us about 1000 lbs of assorted parts that wouldn't fit their replacement A3 - Filters, Radiator, etc.etc.etc. They also have about a DOZEN windshields and offered some "spares" if I wanted them. THEY like to trim mesquite trees with their windshields - Sometime the truck wins, sometimes the tree wins.

I told them that if I ever need a replacement windshield, I'll know where to find one. They have a more probable need than me.

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