Ways to make a deuce quieter and warmer in the cab.

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On my truck i cut floor mats from a rubber bed liner.I plugged the holes in the back of the cab .Also put some boots on the shifters where they come thru the floor..I used roof vent flashing which worked nicely.. Since the factory boots are hard to find..These helped keep things warm. I also added a muffler from summit racing .. flow thru type.which really cuts down the noise.Others i have talked to said that extending the exhaust pipe helps even more.. I pointed my exhaust pipe to the side and back slightly which helped..Now these are simple things to do that make a huge difference.But if you really want to get trick you can spray on some insulation on the bottom or the cab floor and the firewall..They have some that are thin and work up to 1500 degrees.A new set of door seals and making sure the windows are sealing properly help greatly to_One thing i was gonna do as well is mount the heater in the cab like they did in the a3 .This makes the engine alot easier to work on and makes the heater work alot better


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My son and I took my bobbed deuce to a local tractor show. I have full rear exhaust and we were able to drive at 55 mph without ear protection and converse without yelling at each other; just speaking in a loud voice. When we drove into town, I began to hear this obnoxious racket. I thought I'd maybe thrown a rod..... It was my brother in his M818 pulling up behind me. BIG difference in noise levels between the two vehicles.
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