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They have some WW1 and WW2 stuff there I would like to escape with!

A slide show of my M1008 Recovery from NW Nebraska, it has a few slides from the museum in it. Glen



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WM shys away from museums. Everytime he trys to leave they think a WW1 exhibit is trying to escape.;);)
I understand that that is exactly why Ziggy planned the I-80 route through Pennsylvania rather than the PA Turnpike - I-76 route. He was concerned that the fine folks of Gettysburg might think that a Civil War Confederate wagoneer (old MV troop) may have come back as a GHOST...

Too spooky for this guy to think about very much :shock:


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I think the lessons of time have given those of us Northeners who are aware a new perspective on "Sate's Rights".

No Doubt were the notion of secession debated in today's scenario, the potential for tyranny of the federal Govt would be far more obvious.



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Well I just got back to my LZ, a little over 4200 miles total, drove a 915 with trailer to NE., brought my 915 with a different trailer back to NJ, then drove a wheel chock (09) pulling a gen trailer, along with my unit commander ( GIP) in her car back to NE. After driving both a 915 and a wheel chock, I will take a 915 anytime, way more comfy, had no hip hurt in the 915, in the chock, GOODIES was my friend, the only deuce butt I got was while driving the WC. So my opinion still stands as to the CUCVs, thay MAKE GREAT WHEEL CHOCKS.
Also coming back got the chance to pass a least a dozen civi OTR trucks in the 915.
The view from my position in the convoy (tail end charlie) was great, it was something to see the convoy stretched out as it starts up a hill or into a sweeping curve. sorry no pics, no camera

Going out my 915 could run 65 all day, even hit 70 a few time a real hot truck, ran like it was turned up, Comming back, my 915 running hard got right at 6 mpg, got 600 miles on the tank, though so low (1" showing on the stick) would not have got 601, in fact had a little burp as I backed to the fuel pump, think I sucked some crap in the filter because really had to work to get to 65, ran mostly at 63

Jesus is Dale from Maine, a SSer sorry, forgot his screen name, the three don't knows are Scott, from NJ., 816 driver, Jason from NJ., deuce driver, and Justen from NE CMT driver.

I had really only TWO events, the first the burb driven by GIP was about maybe 30' in front of me at the most, we were doing 55, had a beater s10 or a little ranger speed up, coming off a on ramp to get in between us instead of behind me, thought he was going to hit the burb, I could not SEE his rear window, I ended up in the left lane ( thank you white Peterbuilt) next to this sob, guess what, he then flipped me off, if it had been dark, I would have bumped him with my trailer tire and sent him on a path of new discovery, after all this he SLOWS down to 45, the CMT had to pass him.
The second event was on the way back was when the air line from the compressor to the dryer broke right at the dryer, this happened just as I topped a LONNNNNNNG 6% down grade, due to a slight air leak I was losing air, thank GOD I fixed the JAKE before we left, used the Jake all the way, no exits for miles, then came to one with a TA, the Jake slowed me down great, blew though a stop sign, had enough air for a lite brake tap pulling into TA, as I pulled around the shop, pulled up and stopped, the brakes set, we fixed the line and a hour later we were on the road. AS a side note, all you 915 owners check that line, as there seems to be a lack of brackets

Gip being part of the BIG truck crew did a great job, staying with us if the convoy got split up, ZIG stayed with the MOTLEY crew.

This was fun, THANK YOU ZIGGY

I will be looking for another driving assignment HINT,HINT :driver:

Well that's about it
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Will there ever, in our future, be an AAR on this relocation? I'm beginning to believe that the AAR is coming form the same folks revamping this site!


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PB, I am sorry. I did not know that WM could not write. I would have never made the suggestion if I had known. :razz: He looks so normal in his pictures.
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