WWII Internationals


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Glen Arm Maryland
Here is a good pic of my M 2-4 with a 50 cal. I have also include another picture of my m 2-4 with another Internation, the MRAP. One is a 1941 and the other a 2010. That is 69 years of technology sitting beside the M 2-4.



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I have owned several Binders and I am finishing up getting my M-5H-6 on the road.
these trucks played a very large roll in the pacific theater with the USMC.
by far the hardest part to find for the M5 and M3 are the correct cargo and dump beds.
20,000 plus M5's used by the USA. Not as plentiful as the CCKW but that because they did 10 times the work.
Just ask a Seabee or Marine. Or any pilot who flew off a pacific island airbase.


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To back up what Dave just said, I knew a marine who spent 30 years in the marines, he joined before the bombing of Pearl Harbor. During the Korean war, he told me, they would drive the International M-5H-6 till it died! because, if they turned it in for repairs, they would get a CCKW back instead of the M-5H-6. He did not like the CCKW, it was not even in the same class as the International trucks.
If any one is looking for a M3-4 International truck, I have two here that I will sell for a great deal to see them go to good homes.
One of the few, Frank USMC RET

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My father in about 1960 purchased a house moving company in Ft Lauderdale Florida. That company had a WWII Studebaker 6X6. This truck was of no real use because it was just not heavy enough.

He purchased 2 Internationals at the time I thought the military designation was M6 but I find here there were probably the M-5-6. There was a company called Cramer and Mare in Dania Florida that had large quantities of the Internationals and all kinds of other military trucks. My father then a number of year’s latter purchase from a company in Miami that also had large quantities of these Internationals and other military trucks a military G-509 Diamond T 6X6 I it was a much heavier truck than the internationals.

I purchased the Internationals from the company in 1970 something and used them on my airport. One was highly modified with a 50 ft gen pole front and back winches with a gantry built behind the cab to handle the “A” frame used to work the gen pole. The frame on this truck had been corroding for years and got so bad I was afraid of a failure so the truck was cut up and scarped about 5 years ago.

I still have the second truck but it is in very poor condition and is slated for the scrap yard when I sell this place.

The company that purchased my father’s house moving company was buying out a competitor and would not sell me the Diamond T.

All three of these trucks were built in 1943 the same year I was born. LOL

Phil P
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