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    My CUCV spin on fuel filter mod

    Would you mind taking a few pictures showing how you mounted the base with the L brackets? I have all the material including the brackets, this is my weekend project! Also just to confirm, the 1/4 line goes on the back of the base(> out) and the 3/8 goes in the front(< in) Thanks JC
  2. alburms311

    Correct Belts for M1008 and M1009

    Yes, three belts
  3. alburms311

    Correct Belts for M1008 and M1009

    Yes there is. Look in the -20P and -34P and explode view away....
  4. alburms311

    M1009 Car seat Concern

    I have put a car seat in the back of my M1009 many times taking my daughter with me to shows, not a problem, just make sure to tighten the belts down good and your all set.
  5. alburms311

    Post Your CUCV Snow Pics Here!

    I can add to this thread now:tank:
  6. alburms311

    Removing cover up paint from ammo crates

    I will probably try that with a few eventually just for kicks and a rainy day(it will add some more for me to keep) but I'm not that in love with them :). All I can make out is "HAND GRENADE" and "GRENADE" on the top. The sides are illegible, the bottom of most of them still has the...
  7. alburms311

    Removing cover up paint from ammo crates

    Yeah man that what I thought. Booooo. Never hurts to ask the elders though. I tried the sanding already and it was taking it off with the letters. Ill try to get creative a few times but I figure Ill just leave them as they are after I fail a few times.
  8. alburms311

    Removing cover up paint from ammo crates

    This seemed to be the best place to ask this. I came across a good deal on some grenade boxes and wanted to know what would be the best way to remove the cover paint from a few I plan to keep for my personal collection, if there is a way. If this is not the appropriate section,mods please move.
  9. alburms311

    Transmission leak at shifter shaft

    Its called a GM Transmission Seal Remover P/N BK 7769250 and the seal is P/N NOS 4912. Both of those P/N are from NAPA.
  10. alburms311

    glow plug relay and resister bypass? manual glow plug install

    Glad it worked out for you:beer:
  11. alburms311

    Identification request

    Thats great, best laugh Ive had in a while:)
  12. alburms311

    Identification request

    Thats got to be what it is then. Ill check it out more this afternoon. It doesn't seem to be causing problems at the moment, but exposed wires are never a good thing. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction guys. BTW Warthog, is that "tan mom" in your avatar?
  13. alburms311

    Identification request

    It does work. I am going to try and trace it back this afternoon. It is finally thawing out here, been to cold to work in the shop even with a fire going. I am looking back through the TMs today trying to figure this thing out. Thanks
  14. alburms311

    Identification request

    I have been looking over the color wiring diagrams found on this site as well as the -20p and -34p TMs and still cant seem to identify this. I'm going to repair it this weekend the best I can, but would like to know what it is, and possibly buy a new connector to replace it with if I don't have...
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