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    How much work is a

    gut wrenching story of breakdown One of my trucks died coming back from OK city. Replaced fuel pump with used fleabay pump: 40 bucks Labor: 10 minutes My hands got greasy and I smelled like diesel. Amazing what the human spirit can endure.
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    new deuce grill option

    Now youre cooking! Awesome!:beer:
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    2010 Hunt for Heroes Parade - San Angelo TX

    Report on Hunt for Heros Parade 2010. Ok, As a grown up I'm not going to shift the blame to someone else. Its all my wife's fault. Before the parade started we got some quick picks of the West Texas Detachment. However in all the excitement we totally forgot to take pics of the parade as it...
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    Im not sure if I like this 6x6

    looks nice but its still a chevy :p
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    2010 Hunt for Heroes Parade - San Angelo TX

    2010 Hunt for Heroes Parade Do we need to register for this or just show up? jrsmola
  6. bigtoyman

    2010 Hunt for Heroes Parade - San Angelo TX

    subscribed, tentative
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    How do you justify a Deuce to a wife/gf?

    If your girlfriend supports you and pays all the bills......then your probably smart enough to figure out a way to get the truck too...... if not then the question makes no sense to me.......:smile:
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    deuce brake work

    might be more funner for us if you can take some pics of undersurface of truck near master cylinder. believe just below and medial to master cylinder. All kinds of cool stuff under there, I usually will test for loose bolts and fittings etc by banging different parts of my head against them...
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    deuce brake work

    Not aware of any other possibities unless it was a remote brake fluid reservoir. Brakes would work if opening is capped but run risk of pressure building up in master cylinder and blowing a seal if there was no pressure relief, if left open it will get dirt in master cylinder which would seem...
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    deuce brake work

    probably a vent line, should be a line with a T on the frame crossmember nearby that it is supposed to hook into........
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    A/C compressor driven by electric motor?

    I'll add a third in to. Just finished installing a surplus red dot unit. Sealed cab first. Thought about it for endless months after a 20 hour drive to OK city in 103 heat. Was afraid my dog was going to stroke out. Inspired by M35Tom I figured out my compressor mounting. Mounted...
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    Epic Tire Failure

    that is somewhat bothersome.......:? any thoughts on why?
  13. bigtoyman

    Attention texas

    With enough heads up (and roadworthy trucks) count me in, to wherever....I need to get away, to anywhere.........8)
  14. bigtoyman

    395/85/20 Tires installed

    I've read here that u need a 5ton speedometer adapter to put ur speedometer in the right place and that you can get from Boyce but its not listed online. Maybe someone can tell us if this is the right one:
  15. bigtoyman

    ROLL CALL: "West Texas Detachment" Identify Yourselves, Please.

    Definite maybe, m35a2 or m818 with trailer depending on what is running and pretty enough. Jeremy
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