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    how to turn up pictures?

    If your egt temps get more than you want just lift your foot off the gas pedal that simple.
  2. Billy Bobbed

    Gasoline and WMO mix ?

    :ditto: check the first filter under the alternator,it always gets the sludge first.Make sure you filter your WMO,and check for water.
  3. Billy Bobbed

    Do we have an official Bobbed Deuce picture thread? If not, here it is! Post em!

    Looks like your well on your way to a nice bobber,nice job.
  4. Billy Bobbed

    Do we have an official Bobbed Deuce picture thread? If not, here it is! Post em!

    I wanted to put a couple updated pictures of my truck from the old pictures I put on here a while back.I was putting alot of money in my truck that was needing alot of body work so I sold it.I no longer had the time or money to get it finished the way I wanted.Hoping down the road I'll find...
  5. Billy Bobbed

    Found these in the oilpan

    Dont over look the turbo its aluminum and is oil feed from the engine,just a thought.
  6. Billy Bobbed

    Advise for the future bobbers!

    This subject never seems to get old.:deadhorse:.
  7. Billy Bobbed

    CB Radio mount

    This was the setup I had.
  8. Billy Bobbed

    Why is this site so slow...???

    When I changed my modem when it went bad,now every time I get on here and some other sites its slow.I need another modem.
  9. Billy Bobbed

    let's see your military radio collection....

    This was my setup before I sold it all.:sad:
  10. Billy Bobbed

    HMMWV Honeycomb Wheels/Tires...

    That is a neat tire wheel combo.I was on youtube today and just seen this. Humvee airless tire test - YouTube
  11. Billy Bobbed

    Extended Cab Deuce (photos)

    I wouldnt use that pinion brake on the street unless you want them to catch on fire,only on very slow trails or as a parking brake.Love that truck best one yet.
  12. Billy Bobbed

    M35A2 Log Truck

    Looks like you got a nice setup there treessw.
  13. Billy Bobbed

    new guy form indiana

    Welcome from Terre Haute,Indiana right on the wabash river.Plenty to read and good people to talk to.
  14. Billy Bobbed

    New from Brazil

    Welcome from the corn fields of Indiana,plenty to read and good people on here to help you.
  15. Billy Bobbed

    Air-assist steering kit

    I sold mine used shipped for $1660,it was a year old.
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