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    cant find a m1028 Dually Anywhere?

    Im always up for something :popcorn:
  2. blasterheath

    Gilbert 2012 Want/Bring/looking for list

    does anyone have 37's looking for four for my pickup
  3. blasterheath

    What have you done to your CUCV today/lately? - Part 1

    :grd:here is what i have been up to
  4. blasterheath


    updated pics
  5. blasterheath

    GL auction removal Help

    IT is not recommended to drive without plates. :whistle:
  6. blasterheath


    Congratulations Nice truck This is the best disease :mrgreen: Have Lots of fun
  7. blasterheath

    New CUCV Owner

    Nice truck. I would start cleaning everything eletrical and replace all rubber starting with the vacuum lines and fuel. The Fun now starts[thumbzup]
  8. blasterheath


    although now after seeing my pics i think the earths axis must be at falt for the side angle of the pics
  9. blasterheath


    here is how i did my diagnosis:whistle:
  10. blasterheath


    So the infamous dirty fuel lines rears its head. No worrys got it running good just need to clean the tank.
  11. blasterheath

    Eastern pa to eastern mass

    Looking for transportation of a bobbed deuce from eastern pa to eastern mass
  12. blasterheath


    I am also replacing a rusted solid horn and replacing headlights and turn signal switch
  13. blasterheath


    Got some time to drive and work here are some of my prodjects others are new vacuum lines to tranny cleaning of all things electric and trying to figure out the kick down system
  14. blasterheath

    M1009 turbo Facts

    :ditto: and mine is not even home yet[thumbzup]
  15. blasterheath


    unsure about colour I started out wanting camo now i am thinking Tan. I always loved the camo any thoughts:popcorn:
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