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    Jump Starting MEP803A

    Well thank you! I I haven't looked in the front of the book yet. I did check the wiring of the alternator and mine certainly wouldn't survive that, the way it's hooked up now.
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    Jump Starting MEP803A

    Unlike an 831a. The alternator needs to be hooked to a battery or it will smoke. That is why battery selector switches tell you not to turn them off while the engine is running and they have make before break contacts.
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    New MEP 802 New User New Mods

    Solder makes for a brittle joints down to the Strand level.
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    Ultimate well nut repair

    Between the plastic tank and the nut.
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    Heating a S280

    For what it's worth mr. Heater is on sale at Summit Racing
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    Corrosion Control Cart

    That was for .625 x 1" x wildcard.
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    Corrosion Control Cart

    I'll try and get you part numbers for those other pieces this evening.
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    803a hours

    Mine starts with the $20 230cc! Although I wouldn't recommend them ther are pieces of junk
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    I joined the 803A club as well!

    I don't have one so it doesn't matter to me. What I was talking about is obviously above that guys pay grade as they say.
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    TM for American Kleaner steam cleaner

    I have plenty of those 50 foot steam hose assemblies. 3/4"
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    I joined the 803A club as well!

    That sounds really good. But the problem is one shuts off the other one turns on and back and forth. There needs to be some sort of a dead band where nothing happens. The alternator maybe adjustable haven't looked into it that far. The battery maintainer/charger certainly isn't. If I had a...
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    A not-so-funny story (hz)

    Just had my $500 fleBay offer declined!
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    I joined the 803A club as well!

    Good question. No not really. I haven't seen it kill anything in my years, running for a short period of time. You would have two regulators fighting each other. Thinking of work around now.
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    803a hours

    If they are red or blue no. 12.75v, depending on temperature is perfect. Optima says float up to 13.8v. Little too high for me as far as battery longevity goes. If you have the yellow tops add .2 volts. Never try to equalize a sealed battery. You are well above the voltage were sulfation starts...
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