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    What's an M35A2 worth these days?

    What do you have for sale now?
  2. dangeroustyz

    M109A3 - Combat Camper Build

    Interested in it. PM me. Thanks
  3. dangeroustyz

    M109A3 - Combat Camper Build

    Sorry. Just saw your previous post. Looks like you rebuilt everything.
  4. dangeroustyz

    M109A3 - Combat Camper Build

    do you have a pic of what cargo area looks like now? Thanks
  5. dangeroustyz

    Code name: Hulk

    Hayabusa to trade Now I have a 2006 Hayabusa to trade for military vehicle. It's lowered, stretched and customized. Blue book on stock bike is 7k. Wouldn't mind a gamma goat. Or a cargo carrier. Hard top preferred. Send pics and details. Thanks.
  6. dangeroustyz

    Code name: Hulk

    Finally got it fixed. Took alittle while but I can now go to the next rally. What next year?
  7. dangeroustyz

    Official 2013 SS Georgia Rally Info SSGR13 thread

    SORRY GUYS! Truck not operable. Parts are on order and wont arrive till monday 10/14. Allthough i may ride out in a civi to hook up with TMNT and see whats up. So i may see you guys saturday. Thanks and be safe................Dangeroustyz :beer:
  8. dangeroustyz

    My new Deuce!

    Nice looking truck. Good luck with her. and welcome to SS...:tank:
  9. dangeroustyz

    Code name: Hulk

    Thanks alot Clinto. Hopefully i can see all the parts i gota order to get this thing back on the road. Hey next time youre in Braselton, Please hit me up. Maybe you can swing by and take a look?
  10. dangeroustyz

    Code name: Hulk

    Does anybody know which TM has a diagram of the front hub and axle? Thanks
  11. dangeroustyz

    New 925A2

    Nice Barry. NICE!
  12. dangeroustyz

    Code name: Hulk

    can anybody tell me which TM has a diagram of front wheel hub assembly? Thanks
  13. dangeroustyz

    Code name: Hulk

    The day it broke i drove truck to store and it wobbled and had an intermentin noise. Then the brakes went out. I turned around and when i pulled in the yard smoke poured out of the wheel. The front tires were cupped when i got it so i figured the wobble come from that. It gave me small hints of...
  14. dangeroustyz

    Dunwoody Ga Fourth Of July Parade

    Barry, I should have mine up and going by then, If not if you got an extra truck i can drive thatll be kool. Ill be intouch:naner:
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