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    Hello from Suburbs of Chicago

    Hi from LaSalle County
  2. Flingarrows

    Dana 44 problem

    X2, very common
  3. Flingarrows

    Hi, also from Chicago IL

    Hi from west of Joliet Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  4. Flingarrows

    New From Chicago IL

    Hello from west of Joliet Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  5. Flingarrows

    M37 Cummins swap

    Yes, looks like a cool project
  6. Flingarrows

    Scrapping ALERT: Somebody Save This Rare Truck

    I posted your link on M715zone
  7. Flingarrows

    Safety fuel shut-off

    Hanks Deuce: I like the air cutoff. Do you have any more info on what materials you used, design, etc? EDIT: found in further down in your thread -
  8. Flingarrows

    Safety fuel shut-off

    Did you see any pricing on those?
  9. Flingarrows

    Safety fuel shut-off

    What type of valve is that Rusty, I need to look into that for my 6bt
  10. Flingarrows

    How prone to cracking are the main bearing webs when removing the main cap bolts?

    When I put a 6.2 in my M715, I tore down 2 running engines to refresh, and they had cracked mains. The 3rd was a charm... Not saying that they all are bad, just my experience
  11. Flingarrows

    Picked up an M715 recently. Can't find the TM here, though.

    Congrats! You can get manual here
  12. Flingarrows

    Decent gauge sale alert.

    Thanks! ordered 2 sets - one for my buddy
  13. Flingarrows

    Old Military vehicle locomotion trials

    That looks similar to the Fordson snow machine:
  14. Flingarrows

    Looking for a stock replacement parts source for my deuce

  15. Flingarrows

    I am in the 715 club

    Looks good, congrats
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