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    Steel Soldiers giveaway sponsored by

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    Steel Soldiers giveaway sponsored by CTC Surplus Tires

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    My AN/GRC-46C is now installed

    ...that looks sweet...over.
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    Need help choosing color

    Flat black...**** yeah! That would make a sweet zombie rig.
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    Gas tank question

    I'm sure you got it by now, but it does take some wiggling back and forth. I believe I slid mine all the way to the passenger side, tipped it down, then slid it to the drivers side. Good luck, it'll come.
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    Speedo Cable-non standard engine/transmission

    So you want to use an M37 speedo connected to your tranny? It will take some maths in order figure out what the correct gear will be for that tranny and speedo head combination. I know different gears are out there; but don't know what specific gear you'll need.
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    Speedo Cable-non standard engine/transmission

    I don't know...but I'd love to see pics of a 350 in an M37.
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    Grandpa's M37
  9. greeno

    Grandpa's M37

    What a great weekend! Thought I read somewhere that strapping a tank to a cement mixer was the trick. Let me tell you: it was. I had the boys dump about a gallon of pea-sized rocks into it and let it spin for 4 hours. See the three photos below: 1. Before 2. During 3. After!
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    M37 Engine will not start

    Sweet! I know the feeling.
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    Grandpa's M37

    Well...the guy didn't charge me because he didn't make it any better. Looks like i'm into either cutting it open and sand-blasting or a whole new tank. Bummer.
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    Grandpa's M37

    I gave up on electrolysis last week after two weeks of cooking. It did a pretty good job of cleaning the tank between the baffles; but outside of the baffles still looks nasty. This process works by 'line of sight' so there was no chance of it working behind the baffles. I had a radiator...
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    Grandpa's M37

    It's been almost a year since I posted my 'progress'. It's time to get serious about fixing this truck up...but the ol' pocketbook police have advised against it. I put in the Pertronix unit last weekend and she runs strong until my fuel filter plugs. Luckily, cleaning a gas tank is nearly...
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    after market carburator

    Ditto. I'm running a fuel pump I got at NAPA. Just say '54 Power Wagon and you'll get the right fuel pump.
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