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    Winch cable termination / chain lead

    Sounds fun...
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    New Young Member and have many questions

    You would have to check with the plating department for that info.. or call the dmv for all and any information to have the definite answer. Taking advice off a website (such as this) may stare you in the wrong direction... best thing to be sure is to talk to the folks we all try to avoid...
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    New Young Member and have many questions

    My guess (being a cdl holder) would be no but because of your age, your driver's license definitely has a weight restriction on it (check in the rules of the road book in D license restrictions in your state). Most states can get around it by converting your truck into an RV by adding the rv...
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    LDS vs LDT

    LTD and the LDS is the same motor... swap out the injection pump and time the ip correctly.... vwala.. got yourself a cheap hi-po trick... eagle4g63 did the swap... the multi in that deuce ran like a rapped ape.... the TD on the right side of the motor means tall deck which excepts the newer...
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    Deuce Halogen Headlight Upgrade

    If you guys want the brightest replacement for the 9006 and 9007 bulbs. Phillips H1 and H2 bulbs (usually shipped from Germany), which are 110% dot legal with just a tiny bit of a mod... alls you have to do is "nip" a little off of the plastic tabs on the bulb with a pair of nail clipper...
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    Hello from Chicago - m1009

    Your also 25 minutes from me... just a couple miles over the boarder, I work around ohare.. grew up at Western and Irving...
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    Hello from Chicago - m1009

    Welcome from NWI... my brother in law is near Kimball and Fullerton, he's also got a 1009... a few of us mv enthusiasts in the regional Chicago area hook up once in awhile... PM me if u need anything..
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    How do you guys run your PM schedules?

    I haven't done a PM on mine in 2 years... of course I only drive it 200 to 500 miles a year.... although, I will start it up about once a month and let it idle for about 20 minutes.... give it a good look over a day or two when u know your going to take it out, then do whatever needs to be...
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    What the hey? Need a little M1008 help, please.

    FYI: on all the chevy trucks I've driven (and still drive as I have a burb)... once you fill the tank up.. the gauge reads full and it sits for a long time on full (about 2 days on a 2 day, 105 mile commute), then it's down hill quick from there... It's almost like it reads from an upside down...
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    2015 SS Haspin Acres Rally Dates, June 10-14th

    I also like those dates...
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    2015 Haspin rally pic thread

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    2015 SS Haspin Acres Rally Dates, June 10-14th

    Nice seeing you again Brasco... wouldn't have a lot of haspin media without you... When we figure out the fall rally dates, maybe we'll have more time to hang out... Talk about fall rally... anyone have any thoughts....?
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    2015 SS Haspin Acres Rally Dates, June 10-14th

    Gungearz and crews all made it home safely... Had one of the best times at the rally.... Thanks to all, especially gimp for taking the kids out..
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    2015 SS Haspin Acres Rally Dates, June 10-14th

    Better hurry up, it's only wednesday and the campground is already getting crowded with campers and there's only a couple members here...
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    2015 SS Haspin Acres Rally Dates, June 10-14th

    Still got gungearz mobile tool shack at a minimum (traveled light this year)... I just didn't bring enough bubble gum and duct tape.... And plenty of detours down 52 going east off 65... took the scenic route just to say "I have"... Advice to travelers coming from the northwest... Take 74...
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