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    M1009 Receiver hitch pics

    With two two vehicles down (M35A2 transfer case and Trailblazer valve issue) I needed something to tow my camper tomorrow. Tractor Supply had a Reese 37096 in stock. Had to drill two 1/2 holes and bend the pintle ears up (with a 20T bottle jack and a hammer) but otherwise pretty straight...
  2. hunderliggur

    Maryland tags,title,registration

    Since I see the MVA form, which applies additional MVA wording (not the law) quoted as law from time to time, the actual Maryland law is COMAR: .05 Registration Requirements and Plate. A. The owner of a vehicle to be registered under this chapter shall also certify on the...
  3. hunderliggur

    Aberdeen 2014

    Anyone bringing 1100/1200/1380/1480R20 RADTBE TR44 or equivalent tubes to mount the 395's I got from atankersdad last year on my Deuce? Want to get the new tires mounted before a trip the end of June. Anyone have a suggestion for mounting in Southern Maryland?
  4. hunderliggur

    What did you do to your deuce this week?

    Replaced the ether cylinder and it started right up, after jumping from the M1009. The batteries appear to be shot..I had to get the cylinder from AlbanCat, not cold enough usually around here for the heavy truck suppliers to stock it, or a couple of truck stops.
  5. hunderliggur

    Deuce to a 8' Pickup Truck

    I usually take 4 spaces for my M35A2 ;-). Picked up 4 cubic yards of mulch yesterday, getting another 6 tomorrow. Drop side beds are wonderful.
  6. hunderliggur

    What did you do to your deuce this week?

    Doors are fabric and can be single handed. You can get a M1 in through the doors. The Finance Officer says the civy trailer goes inside this one or another one ;-)
  7. hunderliggur

    What did you do to your deuce this week?

    Lightweight Maintenance Enclosure with end panel installed. There is a deuce in there.
  8. hunderliggur

    what is that round plug on the front of the cucv

    Useful to me to jump my M1009 to/from my Deuce, to add supplementary power to my 24v solar backup system, and to run my 24v impact wrench. I added a NATO receptacle to my solar system to use a standard NATO jumper cable.
  9. hunderliggur

    What did you do to your deuce this week?

    GL auction - they are going from about 1000 to 2000 in my area.
  10. hunderliggur

    What did you do to your deuce this week?

    . My lightweight equipment enclosure, new home for deuce work. End panels go on this week. DieselBob -plenty of room for just the deuce. A little tighter if something else in there. You need a 54x40 footprint when you include the tie down ropes. Shelter is 24x32.
  11. hunderliggur

    What did you do to your deuce this week?

    Got most of a "lightweight maintenance enclosure" up for the deuce. Only had 4 soldiers instead of the TM specified 12, so the end walls will go on later.
  12. hunderliggur

    GL noob. Want to hear from the experianced guys.

    I drive my M35A2 to Fort Meade for pickup. No problems. Next time I'll put the boarding ladder out for the bomb dog,the handler had to lift her into the bed last time.
  13. hunderliggur

    CUCV as my daily vehicle? or bad idea?

    I drive 47 miles each way on the highway in a M1009. I do have an alternative vehicle for now which has come in handy at times. If you want to learn patience, drive a deuce (I do that too for fun or to pick up at GL near work). A CUCV is not for everyone, but is for some.
  14. hunderliggur

    What did you do to your deuce this week?

    Picked up my oldest daughters stuff from her college before her wedding this fall. Filled up the deuce. Nothing like a deuce in a college town to get a few comments.
  15. hunderliggur

    What to look for in a deuce?

    I have a M1009 as my daily driver, and the Deuce as "the truck". I could picture driving the deuce daily in my situation, but I have easy parking on both ends and 47 miles of DC freeways in between. I source some low cost "dirty" fuel at a great price that with a little filtering will run fine...
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