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  1. Jimc

    New Gauges for MEP-80Xa

    GREAT! sorry about shorting you the couple screws. mind fart i guess. lol. i know other guys have installed them in the 800 series before but i have never actually seen them in one before. thanks for posting
  2. Jimc

    New Gauges for MEP-80Xa

    Josh, you can just send me a pm or i have them on ebay as well. I only have hz meters. The volt/amp gauges are all gone
  3. Jimc

    New Gauges for MEP-80Xa

    Looks great! Havent actually seen a set put an an 800 series yet.
  4. Jimc

    Nos Jerry cans

    been awhile since i posted but jim is right about the caswell stuff. ive been using it for 10 years now on alot of the bikes i do paintjobs on. novalac epoxy is about the most chemical resistant stuff on earth. as mentioned before though, by the time you go through all the trouble of lining the...
  5. Jimc

    MEP-002A quit generating under full load. Where to start

    sorry i havent been around much lately. figured i would drop in today to say hello and see what cool stuff rusty has done to his 002. man that looks sooo empty in there lol. nice job.
  6. Jimc

    Moving ground lug

    L0 is ground. L2 is neutral and L1 and L3 are the hot legs. this is when your set to 240v 1ph.
  7. Jimc

    Voltage locations in MEP-003 control cubicle

    yes, in those pictures i did just a quick hookup just to see them working. the best way is to set these up to monitor voltage and current on each hot leg. this would normally show 120 as the voltage reading. i connect them to the input side of the main breaker. this way they are on when the...
  8. Jimc

    Gauges for military generators

    when i changed out my hour meters i always used the hobbs brand which was what the military has in these units originally i think. i havent had a problem as of yet with it and there are many gensets with thousands of hours on the meter although with that said when i was a mech in the army...
  9. Jimc

    Gauges for military generators

    yes i still have them. i mostly just run them on ebay. i had them here in the classified section but i would forget to bump the listing every couple weeks and it would get deleted. i dont have hour meters but the volt/current and frequency gauges are all available. just shoot me a pm. they are...
  10. Jimc

    Disconnecting Battery of MEP-002A or MEP-003A While Running: Damage?

    those look fantastic jim!
  11. Jimc

    MEP-003 hooked to the house

    missed this m16ty, if those are my gauges on your gen then those are reading correct. i take all my electronics before assembly and zero them out to 60hz. i never rely on them to be set correctly at the factory. the ones in your panel can normally be off +-.5 or so. found that out a...
  12. Jimc

    MEP-003a motor conversion to vehicle use?

    somehow i imagined jim having a log splitter powered by a 3 cylinder engine [thumbzup]
  13. Jimc

    Disconnecting Battery of MEP-002A or MEP-003A While Running: Damage?

    thats awesome jim. glad you decided to do this. i know many including myself have been asking for quite a long time. as usual it looks quite professional and im sure the inside is done to the same detail. i actually might need one for my 002. i have to dig into it a little bit and do some...
  14. Jimc

    MEP-002 Tripping DC Control Circuit Breaker

    it needs power to produce power. when it just starts up you need to hold in the start position to generate the magnetic field so it can produce power. its fairly normal and time needed seems to vary a bit from generator to generator.
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