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    Using 4 man curtian with rear cargo cover?

    I got it all together, thanks guys! Top was a bear to stretch on, probably because its almost 30 years old and dry. Tight like a drum in most places. There is a 2'x2' section on the top that is sagging a good 4-6" like snow sat there or something. Wondering if I can heat weld a new piece of...
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    Using 4 man curtian with rear cargo cover?

    Whats the proper method to use the 4 man curtain with the cargo cover? I was thinking maybe mount the curtain on the outside of the soft top and only attach the top so it can roll up? Is the curtain normally used when using the cargo cover?
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    Rear seat belt install

    Need to drill holes in the fenders for the rear seat belts. It appears that the brace underneath is already in there. Lining up my top base like the pictures I see online it doesn't look like it mates up with the bottom brace. Can anyone provide a picture from under the fender of where the...
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    Delco 24v alternator bracket modification

    What I used: Delco Style 21-SI Two Groove Diesel Truck Alternator Pulley 3 1/8" D .7/8" Bore W/ Keyway (not used, just screwed on)Ordered those off Ebay. Got some flatbar stock and threaded bar (with several washers and nuts) from fleet farm. Took out old generator. Made a short riser (2"?)...
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    Delco 24v alternator bracket modification

    Did mine the same as infidel, modeled after his actually. 2,000 miles and 5 months later and no issues.
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    Auxilary heater?

    Winter is here. Anyone running an 24v auxiliary electric cab heater of some sort? If so, recommendations? They all seem to have pretty high amperage draw. I'm aware of the diesel ones out there but just looking for something simpler to get through this winter. Does everyone's sound like a...
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    Voltage surging

    Mine pegged in the red right before it blew the top off one of the batteries. Replaced the battery and was getting 36v running so replaced the alternator and all good.
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    Weak horn

    Is it normal for the horn to sound really weak in these? Sounds like a go cart or squeeze horn on a kids bicycle quiet.
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    Shift lever light replacement

    Hmm any idea why wiggling that linkage and nothing else would cause the light to come on? Its called HMMWV Military Shift Indicator Light M998 on ebay
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    Shift lever light replacement

    After digging into it, it seems the light grounds through the shifting linkage or something. Only wiggling the linkage underneath makes the light go off and on. I say it must be a ground because this is only moving the link to make contact with the shifter, not actually moving the shifter...
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    Shift lever light replacement

    Anyone replaced the light in the shift lever? Is it a replace the unit or replace the bulb type setup? Mine comes on sometimes and sometimes not (same as my jeep lol). If I tap on the shifter it flashes in and out. Must be bad connection. Do you remove the entire assembly?
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    Alternator went bad. Thinking of switching to 12v???

    infidel gave me the same advice when my generator went and it was awesome. Backup and running in now time with a little fab work to the old generator bracket.
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    Won't Start -- Protective Control Box Fried?

    Are you sure its no wait light at all? I had thought the same thing. It wasn't until nighttime that I realized that it was flashing once super fast. Replaced the Glow Plug Controller and the wait light is functioning as normal now.
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    soft top install, normal to have gaps?

    On a new 4 door soft top install, is it normal to have gaps you can see through between the soft doors and body? Not a lot, but there are some.
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